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About the Project

The client wanted an app that could understand different types of digital documents like PDFs, Word files, and plain text. They also wanted the app to be able to read words from pictures in the documents and have a chat feature powered by AI.

It was a big challenge because we had to make sure the app could handle all these different types of documents and fetch information from images accurately using OCR, while also tuning Generative AI models to provide the desired output every time a user chats with documents.

Our team came up with comprehensive solutions and used the ChatGPT API and tuned models to learn document content and present it to the user in the right format. We made sure that the OCR feature is working with utmost accuracy, even in multiple languages.

In the end, our app surprised the client by doing even more than they asked for. It could chat with users, understand documents in different languages, and fetch information from lots of files at once.

Cloud Storage

Work Smoothly with Files on Your Phone or Cloud Storage

The feature enables users to engage in conversations with files stored on their phone while organizing them into folders. Additionally, users can integrate their Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to access and fetch files and documents directly from these platforms. This functionality allows users to seamlessly chat and collaborate on documents from different sources. Moreover, the inclusion of a proper folder structure within the application facilitates effective categorization and organization of files, enhancing user productivity.

Document Chat

Document Chat: Engaging Conversations with Your Files

The Document Chat feature allows users to engage in natural language conversations with their documents, enhancing accessibility and user engagement. The system comprehends various document types and employs a conversational AI interface, enabling users to ask questions, request information, and issue commands using everyday language. Additionally, users receive references to the information fetched from the document for better context and reference.

Translation-Enabled Multilingual Conversations

Translation-Enabled Multilingual Conversations

Our team developed an advanced Multilingual system within the app, enabling users to converse with documents in multiple languages effortlessly. Users have the flexibility to select their preferred language, facilitating seamless communication regardless of language barriers. Additionally, the system provides translated responses, empowering users to work with files and documents in any language of their choice.

Innovative Document Organization

Innovative Document Organization: Streamlining Workflow with 'Ask AI' for Folder-wide Chat

In response to the client's request for a way to chat and work with multiple files simultaneously, our team devised a streamlined workflow that not only facilitates easy multitasking but also ensures organization. We developed a functionality that enables users to organize files into folders, allowing for efficient file management. Moreover, we implemented a feature called 'Ask AI' at the folder level, enabling users to directly engage in chat and work with all files contained within the folder.

The client was highly satisfied with this innovative approach, and during beta testing, users responded exceptionally well to this feature.

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React Native

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