Bitten by the Music Bug w/ Brittin Lane


Let’s get to know more about up and comer Brittin Lane who was bitten by the music bug at and early age and hasn’t stopped since.


SB (StarBeat): From the Starting Line: How did you get your start in the music world?

BL (Brittin Lane): Music has been a big part of my life from the start. When I was three years old, my grandma bought a small $15 keyboard at a yard sale and gave it to my sister and I. Soon after that, I started sounding out TV show theme songs on the keyboard.

Since then, I’ve played piano by ear and can’t read a bit of sheet music. I picked up the guitar around six years old, wrote my first song when I was ten, and started singing a couple of years after that.


Brittin Lane


SB: Life’s Path: How has your musical journey been like so far?

BL: It’s been crazy at times, and I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it. I uploaded my first cover to YouTube around three years ago of “Struggling Man” by Jimmy Cliff. After it got a few thousand views, I began uploading a new cover every week. In May of 2016, I wrote, recorded, and released my first EP called “The Letter” and a few months after that, I signed a record deal with Triple Double Records. Since then, we’ve reached around seven million plays on Spotify, which is insane! It’s been very exciting because I never know what’s around the corner, or what opportunities God has in store.

It feels like each new door that opens continues to top the last one, and when I think it can’t get better, it does somehow.


Brittin LaneSB: Stand Out: How you do you aim to set yourself apart from other artists?

BL: As far as my original music goes, I try to keep it as organic and as vulnerable as I can. I want my lyrics to mean something, and I want to create music that anyone can relate to regardless of their age. It’s important to me that each song has a message worth sharing, or a story worth telling; one that every listener can connect to. For instance, after I released one of my first songs called “Goodbye,” I received a ton of messages from friends and strangers who shared their stories with me, and said the song helped them remember a time they had to say goodbye to someone they loved.

I love it when people share their stories with me, and tell me that something I wrote made them feel a certain way. Its the ultimate compliment in my opinion.


SB: What’s Inside: Where do you get inspiration for your own music?

BL: Sometimes, inspiration is very easy to find, and a song will almost write itself in a matter of minutes. Other times, it’s much harder to find and it can take a few days, or even a few weeks for me to finish writing a song. I typically focus on a certain experiences from my life, or I think about a message that I want to share with others, and I’ll use that as a starting point.


SB: Pageant Questions: What superpower would you like to have?

BL: Probably either the ability to turn invisible, or telekinesis. It would be very useful to be able to control things with your mind!

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