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allison-macdonaldThe winner of our first ever StarBeat Talent Competition is… Allison Macdonald!
The winner of our first ever StarBeat Talent Competition is… Allison Macdonald!

The winner of our first ever StarBeat Talent Competition is… Allison Macdonald!

Congrats Allison,   Whew, that was close! You scored 412.8K points to grab 1st place and what a battle to the finish that was.     This was an open category contest, and here is Allison’s winning dance performance:       Congrats again Allison on your amazing talent and we hope to see […]
Congratulations NABEEL MOHAN!
Congratulations NABEEL MOHAN! Top Talent in Vancouver!

Congratulations NABEEL MOHAN! Top Talent in Vancouver!

Congratulations Nabeel on a stellar effort, your video Headspin came out as the number one choice when the Top Talent in Vancouver competition closed at 9pm last night.   Nabeel’s Prize: $1,000 & huge congrats!   Also a very honourable mention to Julian Jayme who led in the early days and really pushed Nabeel as […]
freestyle skateboarding contest overviewThe Ultimate Skateboarder 1: ScoringTUS RoundsTUS RoundsTUS Prizes

The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Scoring

  The Ultimate Skateboarder 1 Online Contest will apply 3-Stage Scoring System: Stage 1 (Jul 1st to August 8th, 2017): Online Audience Popularity Voting for Top 20 Qualifiers Stage 2 (Aug 9th to 14th): Peer Voting for Top 10 Finalists Stage 3 (Aug 15th & 16th) – Expert Panel Scoring The Top 10 Official Standings […]
World-Round-Up-StarBeatOfficial Results: The World Round-Up Freestyle Skateboarding 2017WRU-isamu-yamamoto-starbeatwru-amateur-winners-starbeat

Official Results: The World Round-Up Freestyle Skateboarding 2017

    This was an insane freestyle championship!  The World Round Up 2017 brought out the best from the best international flatground virtuosos. The competition was so close the point leaders seemed to shuffle the top rankings like it was a deck of cards.  But one 14-year old phenom seemed to have an ace up his […]
The Winner of TUS1 is…

The Winner of TUS1 is…

    And, The Winner of TUS1 is… MIKE OSTERMAN   Congrats Mike! Super consistent performance in all 3 Rounds – from start to finish. Well deserved!!! You scoop our TUS1 Online Title in style and feel free to add another tat to your collection… (A very fitting profile pic BTW!)     Round 3 […]

It’s Official: StarBeat Virtuoso Awards a $5,000 Recording Project!

  Our team has decided to create a recording project for the notable StarBeat community members. Here’s how the dots connected… After running a few test competitions in 2016 we noticed some exceptional talent popping up. Being that StarBeat was created by artists (and that we are a Vancouver-based startup), we noticed some incredible talent […]
WRU2018CoverWRU2018AmateursSMWRU2018AmateurWinnerSMWRU2018ProsSMWRU2018ProWinnerSMWRU2018FansChoiceSMThe World Round Up 2018 Wrap Up
The World Round Up 2018 Wrap Up

The World Round Up 2018 Wrap Up

A great weekend was had by everyone at The World Round Up 2018. Amazing Freestyle Skateboard tricks were on display by the Pros and Amateurs alike. Check out the recap below.   If you missed the event don’t worry you can watch all the runs here –   Amateurs Winning Lineup  Standings 1 – Yuzuki […]
freestyle skateboarding contest overviewOnline Freestyle Skateboarding Competition: Overviewthe-ultimate-skateboarder-competition-stagesthe-ultimate-skateboarder-1-prizesthe-ultimate-skateboarder-1-competition-stages

The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Overview

  The World Round-Up & StarBeat present  THE ULTIMATE SKATEBOARDER 1 This is the largest freestyle skateboarding contest of its kind! It’s open to anyone in the world for over a month, 200+ countries & unlimited contestants!     Quick Overview This is an Online Freestyle Flatground Skateboarding Contest: No age limits, open to anyone – […]
Quick Tip: Get more votes using your Social Networks!

Community Tip: How to get more votes + StarBeat contest points!

  Hey StarBeat contestants! Here is a cool tip for getting the most votes. If you have a Youtube or Vimeo account, you can shoot a quick selfie video and instantly notify all your fans that you are in a StarBeat contest. Put your audition link in the description, and when you upload the video, […]

Contest Tags: Best Way to Get Discovered!

When you submit your contest entries, please enter these codes in the Tags field of the video fetching tool.   MANDATORY BALLOT TAGS: SBCANADA17 & YOURCITY   First, be sure to geotag your video upload with the official contest entry ballots.   For example: sbcanada17, yourcity     PRO TIP: OPTIONAL TAGS   For those that are […]
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The Ultimate Skateboarder 1: Entries

  How To Enter Now   Sign Up   –   Log In   –   Fetch Vid    Quick Submission Guide   After you enter the contest – share your official URL with family, friends & fans. Tip: URL is in the address bar – you can copy & paste as you like!
Week 1 Video Recap: Top Talent in Canada
Week 1 Video Recap: Top Talent in Canada

Week 1 Video Recap: Top Talent in Canada

We just wrapped week 1 in our search for Top Talent in Canada! Here is a quick recap. Rose Cora Perry topped the chart with her single, Six Feet Under. Being a finalist in our January contest and now the leader in this month’s, Rose was awarded a $50 Bonus prize! Congrats Rose! But, something […]