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SB (StarBeat): What an amazing finish Chase! You jumped all the way up to 3rd in StarBeat’s Top Talent in Canada contest – with votes coming in right to the last second! What was your heart rate and tell us a bit about your contest strategy?

CK (Chase Kilganon): Well, I was hoping for 2nd place but unfortunately I got beat out. I’m so appreciative to all of those who helped me get those last second votes, my brother posted my video, and so did Billy Doran, owner of the Dunkademics brand. As for my strategy, I didn’t have a good strategy this time, I waited till the last day to start getting votes by messaging all of my friends and if I would have started a day earlier I certainly could have gotten 2nd! But that’s entirely my fault lol!


Chase KilganonSB: That Diamond Dunk is reminiscent of Shawn Kemp’s back scratcher, but your foot actually touches the ball! How long did you work on these acrobatics?

CK: The Diamond Dunk is something Nils Wagner (owner of Hoopmixtape) has been bugging me to do for a while now. Since I was a child I’ve had one of the most flexible backs around, so I didn’t really have to work on the flexibility so much, but more on jumping high while applying this flexibility to this particular dunk!


Chase KilganonSB: I saw on Instagram that you are in the new season of Dunk King on TNT – that must be exhilarating fun. Would you say your biggest competition is camera lenses, your bro, or the other show contestants?

CK: Yes, I’m super excited for The Dunk King to air! It’s gonna be an awesome show. As for the competition, there is a ton of guys with incredible talent in the dunk world, but my brother has been and still is the greatest dunker in the world, and it’s been this way for a few years now. With that said, Jordan is most definitely my biggest competition.


SB: What is with your obsession with the bunny emoji? You like carrots or something? It’s probably the hops, but let’s make it clear, once and for all!

CK: The bunny emoji!!!! Haha, I add it because the logo for my brothers jump program “Bounce Kit” is a bunny, and I find the bunny emoji makes my captions with a little more creative and fun.


Chase KilganonSB: What’s the one dunk you want to master that’s just driving you insane right now?

CK: The next big dunk I’m going for is a secret, although, I have been trying to put my elbow in the rim after going between the legs, this dunk has been causing me some trouble!


Chase KilganonSB: Air Jordan or Air Canada? (MJ or VC for those that don’t know, but you really should know.) Why?

CK: Vince Carter over MJ for dunks, 10/10 times.


SB: Alright, so you only get one song on repeat – for the entire month. What would not make you sick listening to every single day, 24/7 – for the whole damn month?

CK: Anything Justin Bieber, love that fellow Canadian. He’s amazing.


Chase KilganonSB: How many hours in the gym and on the court, may we know?

CK: A week, between the weights, ball handling an dunking, around 10-15 hours!


SB: If I wasn’t a crazy dunker I would be a crazy ___, cuz …

CK: If I wasn’t a crazy dunker I’d be a crazy golfer, love that sport.


SB: Well thank you again for lending your talents to our Top Talent in Canada contest and good luck in the Dunk King! Final shout-outs? 10 sec to go…

CK: Finally, I’d like to shoutout my girl friend Marquise for helping me message people for votes and for always being there for me! Thanks again!


SB: You’re bouncin’ soon. Represent Canada w/ style! Go Chase that gold in sunny FL.


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