Claudia Tripp: No Passport Needed for this Musical Journey




A fresh, new voice out of Australia – let’s take a trip down south with Claudia Tripp.


SB (StarBeat): Easy one to start: Where are you from?

CT (Claudia Tripp): Perth, Australia


SB: History Time: How long have you been writing songs and playing guitar?

CT: I have been writing songs since the age of 7, and picked up the guitar at age 13 after having learned ukulele and piano.


Claudia Tripp


SB: It’s in the Genes: Does musical talent run in the family?

CT: Yes, I come from quite a musical family. Growing up I was surrounded by all kinds of music, and I fell in love with songwriting at a young age. I feel very grateful that I was encouraged by those around me to create music with no boundaries.


SB: Down Under: What is the music scene like in Australia?

CT: There is so much great music in Australia, and not just on the global scale. The streets are filled with buskers and there is always incredible music to be found in cafes, pubs and restaurants. It’s great to be a part of a community where everybody appreciates each others music and works hard to pursue their passion.


SB: What is your favourite way of reaching out to your fans? Live Performances, Social Media, YouTube? Are all of them an important part of a musical career today?

CT: When it comes to sharing music, live performance is my favourite way of reaching out to people. Performing live is special because I get to connect with people face to face, which is something I just can’t get online. Music makes people feel things, and when you perform live you can really feel that magic in the room. It’s fantastic.

However, YouTube and social media have been such a blessing to me because I’ve been able to reach out to people on the other side of the planet. It’s awesome that I am able to share my stories with people who are so far away, and have them connect and relate to those stories too. I think all of those things are important in a musical career these days.


SB: New Music: Any details about your most recent EP?

CT: In March I released my debut EP “Fugitive”, which contains 6 original songs with full band and production. Many amazing musicians played on the EP, including my sister and Dad. The songs are a mixture of pop, rock and country. It is available on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.


Claudia TrippSB: Two to Tango: Dream Duet Partner?

CT: There are so many amazing people I’d love to duet with, but I think I’m going to have to say John Mayer!  


SB: Uke Time: Why do you think the Ukulele seems to be having a moment right now?

CT: Ukulele’s are amazing! I think one of the main reasons they are so popular at the moment is because it has become quite easy to learn the basics of the ukulele online, which is great for people who are trying it out and don’t want to invest heaps of money on lessons / the instrument itself. But most importantly, ukulele’s have such a happy sound! Hearing one being played makes you feel so positive!


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