Country Classic w/ Ryan Keown


Catching up with Country singer Ryan Keown who’s been busy this year performing and recording. Let’s find out more about what he’s had going on.


SB (StarBeat): Update: What have you been up to since we last talked in February?

RK (Ryan Keown): It’s been a very busy summer of touring.  The Ryan Keown Band headlined numerous shows across the prairies and played in cities from Saskatoon SK to Shoal Lake MB.  I also found time to get back into the studio to record my next single.  I heard this song about two years ago and felt compelled to record it as the song had such an incredibly relatable message. I contacted the songwriter and publisher.  Unfortunately the song was already on hold with none other than Garth Brooks. Fortunately he chose another song and this one became available.  

I am so excited to get my voice on this song and share it with everyone!!


Ryan Keown


SB: Record Man: What was the recording experience like for your new single ‘While I Was Away’?

RK: This song was recorded with my CCMA award winning producer, Bart McKay.  He’s extremely talented and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  I enlisted some of the top touring/studio musicians to record the music and made a few trips to Saskatoon, SK to get the music the way I wanted it and record my vocals.  I am so excited with how it turned out.  I feel like we have taken an incredible song and created an experience for the listener.


Ryan KeownRK: Set List: What is the process for choosing your songs and singles to record?

RK: My last song “Best Thing” did really well on the National Billboard Charts reaching #44. I know there were some fans and radio stations that were hoping I would drop another song quickly after this single as they wanted more music but with this success, I actually felt it was important to slow it back down again and not feel rushed.  My music and song choices have always been about how the song makes me feel.  If I can relate and believe the message, then I can easily sell the song and the performance to others.  I’m really glad that I took my time and stayed true to that principle. I try and keep the quality of song and my performance as high as possible and put quantity down on the list of priorities.  


SB: Teamwork: What are you thankful for in this holiday season?

RK: I am very blessed to have a supportive family that allows me to pursue my passion for music.  Ultimately they are my inspiration and to do this takes a team of people, so I am very thankful for a supportive spouse, 3 incredible boys (one that opened my shows this summer with a set of his own and the other two that stay with their dad until 3am tearing down the show and loading equipment) as well as a great touring band, photographer/videographer Ora Walker Photography, radio tracker Rob Chubey Promotions and producer Bart McKay.  I’m also very thankful for all the work that the Manitoba Country Music Association (MCMA) has done to help support the artists in this province.  I’m honoured to have won back to back FANS’ CHOICE awards as well as Male Artist and Single of the Year awards in the past.  I look forward to watching this song and the affect it will hopefully have as it touches those that hear it.  


Ryan Keown


– New Single ‘While I Was Away’ –


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