Crash, Bang, Boom w/ Bailey Walker


Let’s check out what happens when Bailey Walker (aka BaileyDrummer) picks up some sticks Down Under.


SB (StarBeat): Intro Time: How long have you been drummin’?

BW (Bailey Walker): I’ve been drumming for 8 years and in that time have played in a variety of groups and bands across Melbourne.


SB: School Time: Do you study music at a tertiary level?

BW: Yes I study Music Production at the Australian College of the Arts (Collarts). I love the vibe and culture there and the people I have met.


SB: Likes: What do you enjoy most about music production and performance?

BW: I enjoy being able to create and perform original and existing music for myself and an audience.

I also enjoy coming up with original musical concepts and being able to record them at home. I’m at Collarts to hone in on both of those skills.


SB: Alternates: Do you play any other instruments?

BW: I play drums primarily but also bass, guitar, percussion and vocals.



SB: Upcoming: Do you have any bands/groups/personal projects currently in the works?

BW: I am currently working on a few projects both alone and with bands. I’m in the process of a rebranding of my pop-punk outfit Chelsea Avenue as well as a two-piece Indy pop group with a mate from primary school.


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