Cyber Yoga w/ Lamonte Goode


Lamonte Goode has combined different disciplines into one and seems to stop time with his highly skilled positions and poses. Let’s find out how he came to this style.


SB (StarBeat): First Pose: When did you get started in your version of yoga?

LG (Lamonte Goode): I had the version 15 years ago but the technology and social media wasn’t available at the time. I’ve been doing traditional yoga roughly 6-7 years. I’ve been doing Breakdance for 22 years and 10 years of Acrobatics combined.


Lamonte Goode


SB: New Age: How do you define Cyberyoga that you created?

LG: Cyber is actually and acronym –

Calisthenics, Yoga, Breakdance, Evolution, Revolution and Yoga is the base that binds it all together. Cyberyoga is a new age futuristic spiritual practice for the modern age. We are Spiritual Machines.


Lamonte GoodeSB: Tricky: What has been the toughest position to master?

LG: Dealing with all the judgement and criticism from the yoga world.


SB: Novice: What would you say to people who haven’t tried yoga yet?

LG: I would say that Yoga is a tremendous benefit to your life physically and spiritually.


SB: Stillness: The pictures of your one handed poses are so amazing mostly because they capture a still moment. Does it feel that way when you are doing it or is it really constant, slow, movement?

LG: First and foremost thank you for the love and support it means a lot. To answer your question I do everything with ease and accuracy 95 % of the time due to many years of focused and dedicated training. You train hard to overcome hurdles and obstacles easily but the mind has to be focused on the goal.


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