Embracing The Music Within w/ Kayla Ember


We got a chance to catch up with singer-songwriter Kayla Ember to find out more about how she creates her music, where she find her inspirations and where she’s headed next.  


SB (StarBeat): Building Blocks: What kind of artists have been inspiring you lately?

KE (Kayla Ember): I’m always being inspired by different artists. All my life I’ve looked up to Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake and Micheal Jackson. But the past few months/years, artists like Hiatus Kaiyote, Gallant, Lana del Rey, Julia Michaels and Jorja Smith just to name a few, have really impacted my writing. I feel like if it weren’t for artists like them, I’d be stuck in writers block for a while.


SB: Subject Matter: You recently released your debut single “Talking to the Stars” What inspired that song?

KE: Most interpret “Talking to the Stars” as about a relationship or heart break but it has such a deeper meaning. I actually wrote it about being a working and struggling artist in the music industry. It’s about the industry trying to strip me of my creativity and make me into something I’m not and don’t want to be. I definitely feel the pressure of fitting into that certain persona as a young upcoming artist. That’s where the first lyric of the song “pushing me into the box that you made for me” comes from. The whole idea of the “talking to the stars” is just praying to the universe and seeking refuge out of that. I’m really proud of the way it came out.


SB: Showtime: What was your experience like being on The Four?

KE: It was so awesome honestly. I made such amazing friends and learned so much from it. I had the best time and there was never a dull moment. Many people have been asking me if I was upset about not making it through on the show, but it was such an incredible opportunity to even be on the show in the first place, so I don’t really look at it that way. I’m happy with the way things turned out. It all happened for a reason, doesn’t everything?


SB: Biography: How would you describe yourself as an artist / person?

KE: I’m very bubbly. I’ve always been known for being the really friendly and open to everyone girl so I guess you’d call me a social butterfly. I don’t know, I love so hard I’ve always been that way. I like pretty much all genres of music and that has definitely impacted my artistry and personality. I feel because of the music I’ve grown up with all my life, I’m very open minded. It’s hard to describe my artistry without writing a novel, but to slim it down, I’d say I’m the female version of Justin Timberlake. I have a lot of jazz and soul influence but also like to be in the mainstream realms.

I’d like to describe my genre of music as soul pop.


SB: Pathway: What are your goals this year with your music career?

KE: Putting out a bunch of music and playing festivals. I love playing my songs live and vibing with everyone. I have so much music I’m getting ready to put out and I’m just so excited about it. I know my listeners are going to love it. I want make this year about my supporters and giving them exactly what they want. I also want to make a few music videos and start tapping into film as well. I love acting but I also love to come up with ideas for videos, so I definitely want to do something with that.


SB: Creation: What is your writing process like?

KE: I’ve never really had a certain process. Things just come to me when they do, sometimes it’s a melody and other times it’s a chord progression. Either way it always starts with something I find catchy and I’ll just bring it to the studio and write on it!I get writers block a lot so I try my best to let everything come to me naturally because if I try to force something it’ll just discourage me.


SB: After Work: What are your hobbies?

KE: I love to go out with my friends, paint, write poetry or music. Dancing is my other main thing besides singing. I was a full time dancer for years growing up. Even though I’ve cut down on it because of my busy career, I still teach and choreograph hip hop. And yes I love going to the club and dancing, I have so much fun. But don’t get me wrong, most of my free time is dedicated to being lazy and watching Netflix.  


SB: What’s the most meaningful thing that has happened to you in your music career so far?

KE: So many wonderful things have happened to me throughout the years. Though I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities and experiences, the most meaningful thing has been gaining fans and feeling the love from them. To have people who not only support me but physically be there to support me, look up to me and love me is truly an indescribable feeling. my supporters are my motivation and they are what is most meaningful about everything.


Kayla on Social: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamkaylaember
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamkaylaember
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/kaylaember


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