Fast Footwork with Football Freestyler Luca Chiarvesio



Whether you call it soccer or football there is no denying that Luca has some fancy football footwork.  We needed to find out more!

SB (StarBeat): Definition Time: What is freestyle football exactly?
LC (Luca Chiarvesio): Freestyle football is the sport/art of juggling a ball, doing tricks and combos with it using different parts of your body, resulting in many different styles (blocking, airmoves, acrobatics, sitdowns, uppers..). I train almost all these styles but I will always prefer Airmoves.
Right now I am considered to be in the Top2 in lowers, by many the best, but there is no time for doubt so I should keep going and see! It is a relatively new sport, which began to spread around the first 2000s.
Luca Chiarvesio
SB: Your Beginning: When did you get interested in freestyle? How long have you been training? 
LC: I used to play football in the local team of my town, then on the last year of football for me (2011) there were some team mates trying to do tricks with the ball, and I eventually ended up trying those tricks as well. Since then I have been training almost every day without very long breaks, more than 6 years in total!
Luca ChiarvesioSB: Hall of Fame: Which competitions/meetings did you attend during these 6 years? How did it go? 
LC: I went to my first big meeting in Czech Republic in 2012 for SuperBall, but I didn’t join that year because I was still too insecure and hesitating in battles, so I wanted to give myself more time and join later. It was an awesome experience, I promised myself I would try to go to almost every single meeting and that is what I did so far. 
In 2014 I won the “Best Trick” prize at RedBull Street Style Italy, and I qualified among the 8 best freestylers in Italy. I had to train more! On the same year, I got 3rd place in the “Challenge” category in SuperBall World Championships. I was really happy for the result and motivated to do better! In 2015 I travelled to Mexico for a couple months to get involved in a different type of culture and also have the opportunity to practice with M3MO, one of the best in lowers of all time. 
Last year was the best one for me. I won the Italian national championship in June, and then I became “Challenge World Champion” in SuperBall! Towards December I then travelled to Colombia for more freestyle! Once I came back I had the Italian National Championship straightaway, and despite the jet lag and everything I managed to win it for the second time in a row! 
Luca ChiarvesioSB: Squad Goals: Do you freestyle alone or are you a member of a team/crew? 
LC: I’ll start by saying freestyle is an individual sport, it has always been like this and it will always be. It is possible though to practice tricks and combos with another freestyler, or even more than one, to form a Routine or Choreography which will then be used for a competition or a live performance. I’ve been part of FootworkTeam since 2013, the strongest team in Italy, and we have done more than 1000 shows since 2007, the year the team was formed. Even nowadays, FootworkTeam is known as one of the most technical teams in the world.
SB: Highlight Reel: Which were the best events you performed at? 
LC: I did lots of shows in these 6 years of freestyle, but for sure I will remember these 3 as the best ones (for now):
  • Euro2016 TV Spot for RAI1
  • Half Time Show in Juventus Stadium (40000+ people)
  • Show for Riyadh Motorshow in Saudi Arabia
SB: Future Planning: What are the next stops for you? 
LC: I’m going to Denmark in 2 weeks with a team formed to represent Italy at the European Street Cup in Aalborg. Then in 1 month I’m going to 2 different countries in Asia for competition and vacation. After that, for sure I will attend another time the World Championship in Prague, which I suspect will be the biggest tournament ever.
Luca Chiarvesio 
SB: Gooooaaaaal!: What is your goal with freestyle? Where do you want to get? 
LC: I’m constantly working to improve my position, not only technically but also on the show side, and one day I hope I can be traveling the world doing shows more frequently. Yes I am doing it, for now I went to more than 12 different countries only for freestyle, but it’s time to go bigger! Another thing, considering all the knowledge I got from these 6 years of training, I will try to help as many people as possible in the future to improve as fast as they can and make their training better.
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