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Whether it’s drawing the perfect spot, or finding calm between the lines, Sheldene Fine Art is sharing her love and talent for art with all.


SB (StarBeat): The Right Path: When did you decide to to become an artist?

SFA (Sheldene Fine Art): I was without a job for a while, and during the time I spent at home looking for new work I found myself inspired by other artists on YouTube like Lisa from Lachri Fine Art and Heather Rooney. Their use of coloured pencils compelled me to try it for myself. I purchased my first set of coloured pencils and I never put them down since. I took a part time casual job so that I could use any other free time to develop my drawing skills, a year later I was drawing full time, and two years after that I am where I am now. I have 130+ students that I teach online and my social media following continues to grow with wonderful like minded creative people.


Sheldene Fine Art


SB: The Calling: Why did you decide to teach art instead of merely creating art?

SFA: I decided to teach others how to draw because the questions were always there, more of my followers were interested in learning this skill and not just buying an artwork. I just decided to listen, and the more I started answering their questions the more I had to demonstrate my work in order to answer their questions, we starting becoming friends and sharing creative knowledge.

Selling my work became less of a priority and sharing my techniques became more rewarding due to the creative relationships being built.


Sheldene Fine ArtSB: Pay it Forward: What do you get out of drawing?

SFA: Drawing is my space of calm, my area of expression of colour, my area that I allow others to share with me so that I can project what I’m feeling across to them so that they may feel it too. Even though I’m creating at my home, technology allows us to easily share information with everyone around the world and when I have the chance to form relationships with like minded people that inspire me and one another I achieve so much more than a mere drawing, I achieve friendships, I achieve love, I achieve the sharing on knowledge, I achieve pure joy.

I cannot ask for any more than that from simply sharing my love to create.


SB: The Art Life: What do you do as a full time artist/ what services to you provide to others?

SFA: I provide free content for all my YouTube followers from time to time where I answer their questions, create tips and tricks videos, do real-time demonstrations and post fun time-lapse videos.

My online students get everything on YouTube as well as step-by-step tutorial videos they vote for, personalised live video streams where they can ask me question in real-time, challenges, give-aways, collaborations, digital design methods of creating references for drawing and more. I also travel to near by towns and schools to conduct workshops and write for the Coloured Pencil Magazine. I divulge almost every day in drawing and always take into consideration what my followers want to see or learn.


Sheldene Fine ArtSB: Guiding Light: What advice do you have for a new artist?

SFA: My only advice is to create for the love of creating, don’t do it if your eye is only on money, or if you expect perfection on your first try.

Do it to feel the calm and beauty of changing something blank, into something that’s a part of you.




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