Freshen Up Your Playlist w/ Peppermint Ollie


If you are looking for something refreshing, look no further than Peppermint Ollie’s pop-punk Ukulele music to add something new to your playlist.  


Peppermint OllieSB (StarBeat): Speed Round Intro: Can you describe your sound?

PO (Peppermint Ollie): Pop-punk-indie-folk-jazz-aggressive-ukulele rock.


SB: Why the name Peppermint Ollie?

PO: Ollie is my nickname, and I’m just really passionate about peppermint tea.


SB: Scribbles: How did you get started writing your own music?

PO: I was doing a jazz degree at university and realised all the work I was doing was to get a mark, so I started my YouTube channel PeppermintOllie as a creative project just for myself.

People seemed to like my ukulele covers of pop-punk songs, so I started to write my own. The name Peppermint Ollie just kind of stuck!


SB: Out of Thin Air: What is your creative process like? 

PO: Usually I’ll get really worked up about something in my life, or something in one of my friend’s lives, or something I’ve just read on the internet, and it kind of sets me on this manic ink-scribbling, chord-smashing frenzy until the song is finished.

I’ll never plan to write a song, it just happens when it happens.


Peppermint Ollie


SB: Level of Difficulty: What was it like recording your debut EP, Difficult?

PO: It was absolutely insane, in a good way. Recording my own music professionally has always been the dream, so it was an awesome learning experience. The trickiest part for me was keeping my head about me while playing to a click-track (which was new for me) and striving for that perfect take. As someone with pretty intense anxiety, it was something I really had to work on, and I’m thankful for the whole team of ridiculously nice people I’ve been so lucky to work with.


Peppermint OllieSB: On the Horizon: So what’s next?

PO: I’m really into exploring full-band arrangements of my songs, as well as writing some grittier music. When I record by myself for my YouTube channel, I’m pretty confined to the acoustic sound. However, at my EP Launch it was pretty clear that the audience was really vibing the more rock/punk songs, which was really fun.

I’m looking forward to exploring this more this year with my writing and performances with my band, as well as hopefully getting back in the studio and releasing more music!


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