Front Row Seat w/ Emma Rowley


Grab your popcorn and sit down for a front row seat to Emma Rowley’s natural pop music stylings.


SB (StarBeat): Quick Intro: Where are you from and how did you get started on your musical journey?

ER (Emma Rowley): I grew up in the Northern part of Virginia at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Because of music, I’ve temporarily relocated to both New York City and Nashville at different points in my career though I’m currently back in my hometown while I explore the Washington D.C. music scene.


Emma Rowley

As a little girl, everything I sought out revolved around music and my desire to share it with others. My childhood dream was actually to perform in Broadway musicals and I made that dream come true at the age of 13. People continually ask me if I feel like I skipped ahead to the “end of the story” that is my musical journey by achieving such a big goal at such a young age. Having just turned 23, I can look back and see how my goals have continued to reshape themselves over the past 10 years as I’ve gotten older but music has always been at the core.


As I’ve grown new branches, I’ve remained soundly rooted in the same soil. I believe that we will have many new beginnings with every new branch we grow. There really is no end at all. There are only new chapters to be written. So long story short, my musical journey began the day I was born but the current musical path I’m now following, the branch I’m now swinging on, captured my attention while I was in college at Belmont University in Nashville.


SB: Categories: How would you describe your current music style?

ER: I like to describe it as “dreamy pop”.


SB: New Release: You just released some new music late last year – can you tell us more about it?

ER: In October of 2017, I released four “dreamy pop” singles. I had focused on the country/pop sound for such a long time, I knew I’d be throwing my listeners for a loop. While in college, I discovered my true voice as an artist both musically and lyrically. These four new songs acted as a “Hello, my name is…” badge to my new and old listeners alike. A re-introduction!

I released one single every Friday throughout the month on streaming services, iTunes, etc. as well as a music video for each on YouTube. The videos focused on a single-take performance of each song as another way to gently ease people into my new musical style.


SB: Multitasking: How do you balance creating music, with the business side of being an artist?

ER: This is a really tough question because I am constantly struggling to maintain balance between these two sides of my career! I am my only “employee” at the moment. I don’t have any team members running my social media, marketing, or booking. Handling it all on my own is very rewarding but can also squash my creativity when it becomes too overwhelming (which happens often).


Emma Rowley


Even just keeping up my presence online is a daily task that inevitably becomes a black hole if I allow myself to get too sucked in. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to creating content that I’m proud of on social media but I’ve had to learn to let the small things slide because taking time to seek inspiration and write the best songs I can is what really matters.


SB: Fun Time: What is the one food you could not live without?

ER: French fries!!!!


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