Get In the Know with The Katherines Trio



StarBeat jumped at the chance at a Q&A session with trio The Katherines out of Vancouver.  We can all connect to their modern take on pop/rock/R&B.


SB (StarBeat): The Katherines! Let’s clear up the story behind the name.

TK (The Katherines): Funny enough it was actually Charlie from JPNSGRLS who first suggested it and the name just stuck.


SB: Let’s get crazy! What’s the weirdest thing that happened to you on your musical journey?

TK: Probably dressing up in corsets and eating cold ribs in a cabin in the forest with no heat in the middle of the winter. We also had some crazy times at Junofest 2016 in Calgary but we’re not supposed to talk about that…


The Katherines


SB: Alright. So what happens when I put a glass of wine, a pint of beer, and a shot of tequila on a table? A cat fight or an instant grab. (Who gets what?)

TK: No issue here. Lauren gets the wine, Kate takes the pint and Kaitlyn takes the shot.


The KatherinesSB: Where do your songs come from? Truth or imagination?

TK: Mostly truth but sometimes it’s fun to sit down and imagine how a certain experience would feel.


SB: Other than music, what else is on tap?

TK: Kate’s been living it up in the 6ix, Kaitlyn is learning how to grow the perfect spaghetti squash, and Lauren is living on Vancouver Island all summer working at a candy shop.


SB: And so you’ve won a brand new motorcycle! Which one gets it?

TK: We sell it and use the money for concert tickets.


SB: The fix is in: it’s ‘No Fix’. What was your inspiration for such an emotional story for your latest release?

TK: Something that Kate went through last summer. It’s about how destructive and all-encompassing substance abuse can be in a romantic relationship.


The KatherinesSB: Crystal Ball Time: Where do you hope to find yourselves in the next year?

TK: In the studio.

SB: Shout-out time – who helps you to keep on keepin’ on?

TK: First Aid Kit and their dope lil song.


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Bonus: If you are near Vancouver you can watch the Katherines live on July 2nd at 1:45pm as part of Canada 150 celebrations downtown at Canada Place!


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