Getting Down on the Beat with Luca Tarqua


StarBeat Magazine is catching the beat with Luca Tarqua – YouTube singer and beatmaker from Germany.


SB (StarBeat): As a warm-up, what made you get started on YouTube?

LT (Luca Tarqua): I started YouTube about 6 months ago and since then I have been uploading 1 video every week – every Friday to be exact. I have a slogan for my fans that they can relate me to that specific day its called “Taco squad rolling up on a Friday” – the “Taco Squad” is my fanbase they call themselves that and to be honest we are like one big family.

They mean the world to me and I don’t know where I would be without them. They keep me motivated to strive for further greatness in life.

I used to have an old YouTube account where I uploaded accapella videos on but I took all of them down and made them private and basically started a new YouTube Channel which is the one I have now. With the old videos I was doing I just did not feel like it was “me” so I started an entire new format and I think I have found a good spot to be in – and people tend to enjoy my content much more now as well.


Luca TarquaSB: Let’s go deeper – Where do you find your inspirations?

LT: Most of the time I’m inspired by dreams of mine.  I dream allot at night and I always dream of greater things – things I want to achieve in life and I visualize them in my dreams and when I get up in the morning I strive to get those dreams out of the sleepy land and into the real.

I also get new ideas for music and songwriting in dreams when I live a certain story or go through situations in my dreams.  I actually write about it and most of the time my self-written songs are adventures of one of my dreams I had.


SB: Going back in time now, do you remember your first album that you bought or your very first instrument?

LT: The first few artists I ever listened to were Michael Buble and Lionel Richie.  I still remember the exact moment me and my family had when we were all singing along to a Michael Buble or a Lionel Richie track in the car driving to my grandparents.

At that point I wasn’t actually extremely into music as I am today I just listened to it like a normal listener.  I never had the slightest thought of becoming a musician or doing this as part of my daily life, but with time it just got me how fascinating and all round interesting and beautiful music is.

At a point in my life I made a decision to create music and that’s where it all started.  I got so into it that everything around me just became a part or had something to do with music and I guess that’s where I found my passion for it.

At the age of 17 I got my first ever guitar I one day had a discussion with my dad and we were talking about instruments and me playing them. I’ve been playing piano for the longest by that time but I wanted to start something new and exciting and I always wanted to play guitar or at least try to learn it.

So the next day my dad took me to a guitar shop and we searched for the cheapest guitar possible he said to me “I will buy you a guitar. The cheapest so you learn how to play with this and see if it is even a good thing for you” and he also said that if I would be able to play with a guitar like that I could play with any guitar. So I took that guitar and wow was I happy to have a guitar in my fingers!


Luca Tarqua


There was just one problem I had a guitar and didn’t quite know what to do with it. So the first thing I did was go onto YouTube and search for some tutorials. And damn I was binge watching those tutorials for at least half a year to a year and suddenly day by day it seemed to get easier and I started playing songs. The day had arrived when I started writing my own guitar tracks and that was the day of happiness and achievement because that is exactly what I had dreamed and that is one of the dreams I had and I successfully brought it into the real world.

A year later on Christmas there was one big present under the tree and the time had come to open all the presents and mine “the big one” had been saved up for last. I tore open the wrapping paper and as I ripped it apart I saw writing that spelled “Levinson” on the box and I instantly knew what it was! It was a brand new super quality awesome guitar – that was one of the happiest days of my life and I will never forget it. Since then this is my main guitar and I always use it and I do not see it changing in the near future – it’s like my little baby.


SB: Quiz time – 3 Favourite Celebs?Luca Tarqua

LT: 1- Ed Sheehan – I love his style of music and how emotional he writes his songs it incredible how brings the words he writes across to the listener really remarkable.
2- Chris Brown – he is insane at dancing and singing and art like drawing and spraying and I just really like him as a whole.
3- Lido he is an exceptional producer I love how and with how many details he produces his tracks it’s incredible


SB: You have 24 hours to do anything you want – what do you do?

LT: I’m going to go to the Maldives diving 100%.  I love diving so much – I don’t really like swimming not knowing what’s under me but I absolutely adore diving and exploring the water world it’s so beautiful and colorful and all in all the Maldives is an absolute beautiful place to be so I would go there to relax for 24 hours.


SB: What aspect of music excites you the most?

LT: Everything really.  It’s interesting to learn and do things every day and no day is like the other with music. My excitement for music never really changes because the music industry is a hard but interesting one to be in.  I love the challenges that come with it and there’s a new one every day. There’s not a specific aspect it’s like an all-rounder for me – everything is pretty cool.


Thank you Luca – Keep the Beats going!


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