Getting Lost in The Music w/ Samuel Di Leo


Let’s get to know the smooth sounds of singer-songwriter Samuel Di Leo from Canada, who likes to get lost in the music to connect with his fans. 

SB (StarBeat): Great Beginnings: What led you to get in to music?
SDL (Samuel Di Leo): I grew up surrounded by musicians. At first it didn’t seem to attract my attention, I only sang every now and then. Eventually I learned drums, then guitar, bass, etc, and realized it was my biggest passion. 
SB: Writing Time: What inspires your songwriting and creative process?
SDL: It normally just comes and goes, and I take advantage of that. There are days that I feel so inspired, sad, emotional, etc, and it’s the perfect moment to write songs. Same applies to the creative process; some days I can finish 2-3 tracks in a day and some others I will start recording and after a while, I’ll just stop, delete everything and take that day off. 
 Samuel Di Leo
SB: Undercover: How do you pick which songs to cover on YouTube? What sets you apart from other cover artists?
SDL: I pick songs that I love, or songs that even if they don’t convince me at first, I know I can give them a cool twist and adapt them to my style. I don’t choose songs for popularity and to get thousands of subscribers, I choose them because they make me feel something. There will always be someone who listens to the same music you do. I also don’t just record a guitar and a vocal track, I normally add piano, cello,, or whatever the song needs, and shoot a video for it in a different setting everytime (sometimes we make a story for it). 
Samuel Di LeoSB: Role Models: Which artists have inspired you the most?
SDL: While growing up, Simple Plan was my biggest inspiration, which is one of the bands that made me get into music. Nowadays, the ones that inspire me the most are Kodaline, James Arthur, Gavin James and The Script.
I admire real talent, and artists that stay true to their music. 
SB: Work It: From what I understand you produce and edit all your videos – what led you to learn everything?
SDL: When I was younger, I worked with some people to produce my music, and I was never satisfied with the result, which is why I studied audio engineering and became a producer.
Along the way, I learned video editing, photography and production, and nowadays I edit and do the post-production on all my videos. I have a videographer that shoots my videos. 
SB: Extracurricular: What do you like to do outside of music?
SDL: Travelling! As much as I can, as far as I can. It’s one of the things that makes me feel inspired. I also love photography and extreme sports. 
Samuel Di Leo
SB: 5 Year Plan: What are your future plans regarding music?
SDL: I have lots of upcoming projects and collaborations planned for 2018; releasing new music in both Spanish and English in the next few years and keep growing my fan base. I’m also working on a project to produce and help new talents expose their music to bigger audiences. 
I have a really good feeling about the next few years! As I say in my video, I don’t care if I play for 10 or 10,000 people, as long as I can touch someone’s heart with my music, that’s more than enough for me. 
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