Hailing to the Music w/ Haley Graves


Singer-Songwriter Haley Graves was found by the music and now she is working hard on her original music and freshman album. She shares more with us about her journey so far and her new single ‘Sticks and Stones’.


SB (StarBeat): Top Picks: What’s your favorite style to sing?

HG (Haley Graves): My favorite style to sing right now is contemporary R&B, like a Corinne Bailey Rae vibe but I really love all types of music and I like to challenge my voice so I switch up the genres when I’m practicing.


Haley Graves


SB: Planner: What are your plans for this upcoming year?

HG: I have a few singles in the mix and by next summer I’m planning a full album release titled “Sweettalk” which is a collection of love songs– some sad and some more up-beat! I’m beyond excited for it and I’ll also be releasing some music videos as well as sneak peaks prior to the album.


Haley GravesSB: Story Time: What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage?

HG: Oh man haha there’s quite a few but I’d say the worst one is probably when I went on stage, sang a whole set, got off and realized the buttons on the front of my shirt had come undone while I was playing 🙂 I’ve successfully blocked that moment from my memory until now.


SB: Creation: Do you have a process for writing songs?

HG: I wish I had a cool answer for this one but I don’t haha I just sort of write when I feel like it. Sometimes I’ll have a full song written in under 10 min with my mind flying a mile a minute and my hands barely keeping up on the page and then other times it’s more drawn out and thought through. Sometimes I’ll have half a song written and then not touch it for years. Though, I do end up getting lots of ideas for lyrics while I’m driving or going for a late night walk. I think writing in abundance is what’s really key for me rather than being so focused on making every line and every song you write perfect. It’s that “win some/lose some” mentality. When I see people comment on my Instagram saying that I’m a good lyricist/ songwriter or whatever it makes me really happy but they don’t see the 50 trash songs and lyrics that I wrote in balance with what’s posted haha.


Haley Graves


SB: Currency: Can you tell us about your current single “Sticks and Stones”?

HG: Yeah of course! I actually wrote it 5 years ago and it was a key turning point in my life that a lot of people don’t know about. To take it further back, when I was 17 I auditioned for American Idol and long story short I didn’t even make it past the open calls haha. At the time though I was devastated because growing up watching singing reality shows (since they were just becoming a thing) I had believed that if you could really sing you would obviously be on the show, right? Well, wrong but since I was decidedly naive on the subject my heart was pretty broken and I didn’t have much to do with music for the next 2 years after that. A few things happened that changed my mind though. After graduating high school and studying abroad for a year I think I gained some perspective on what had happened and realized that it didn’t matter what other people thought. I didn’t have to shape my future around another’s opinion of me.

So this song, when you listen to the lyrics, were my ideas as I was understanding that there was more out there for me and I didn’t have to hang up on someone else’s viewpoint or words.


Haley GravesHaley on Social: 

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