Hitting the Music High Point w/ The Crawford Brothers


The Crawford Brothers from Australia have set their sights on the High point in life with their music and self-produced music videos.


SB (StarBeat): Partnership: How long have you been performing together?

CB (Crawford Brothers): We’ve been playing music together since we were 10 and 14 years old in our first band, Powerage. Thirteen years ago to date and still going ha.

We had two bands prior to starting the ‘Crawford Brothers’ and were lucky enough to win some prestigious song writing and band competitions throughout that time leading to performances in London (2008) and Thailand (2013) plus sharing the stage with Matchbox Twenty, Thirsty Merc, Grinspoon and a tonne of other acts. It has been a wild ride!


SB: Procedure: How does the writing/studio process work?

CB: This is one of our favourite things about being an artist – creating killer tracks!

The process is always different but it usually starts with a chorus or verse melody idea along with a chord progression or riff. From there the jam and recording sessions kick off and the ideas start to flow. It’s actually a really enjoyable process when we write together as we’re most of the time on the same page and bounce ideas off each other with the end goal to create something amazing.

We collaborate on all aspects of the song writing – lyrics, melody, production, orchestration etc etc. We may demo a song fifteen times before we can put our mind at ease haha. You could say, we’re massive perfectionists.


Crawford BrothersSB: New Release: Can you tell us about your new single, Highlife?

CB: The initial ideas and chorus melody for ‘HIGHLIFE’ came about when we were living in an apartment in Los Angeles (2016). It had a very reggae feel at the time and the lyrics were mostly gibberish haha.

We continued to work on the song when we came back to Australia in our home studio.

I (Ben) focussed on the lyrics and themes whilst Zac put a primary focus on the music and production work. The lyric and theme of the song is purely based around the ultimate lifestyle and the pinnacle of success. It’s something that we’ve always dreamt of and I’m sure most people would say the same.

After demoing the track around fifteen times due to our software continually crashing…the song took many forms before ending up as it is today. You should hear the original demo versions! Haha.

Highlife was a fully constructed song before we headed into another studio with our engineer, Rhys Zacher (Spinlight Studios), although we added an entire rap section in the bridge the night before! Yikes!

We brought in a live brass section to further emphasise the midi horn parts on the original demo and we performed all of the other instruments on the recording – drums, bass, guitar, keys etc.

It was a pretty unreal experience to see the song take shape. That’s one of the best things about song writing – starting with a blank canvas and seeing it all come together.

*Our new single, (Highlife) + our upcoming two singles were entirely written, orchestrated, performed, produced and co engineered by myself (Ben) and my Brother, Zac Crawford, with drums by Hudson Wallace of Newcastle, NSW.*


Crawford BrothersSB: Packaging: How did the music video come together?

CB: The Music Video for Highlife was written, directed, self-financed, produced and co-edited by Zac and I (Ben) AKA ‘Crawford Brothers’.

Throughout the song writing process we were constantly visualising what the music video would look like and brainstorming various ideas along the way.

This was our very first time independently making a music video/directing etc and the original concept was a little daunting knowing what was going to be involved to pull it off.

The song being called Highlife and being about a life of excess and all things flashy, we didn’t want to do anything mediocre – we knew we had to go all out on the music video.

After storyboarding the clip, making a million phone calls and putting together our own film production team we lined up some yachts, Lamborghinis, a mansion in the country, a stretch limousine and rented a penthouse suite on the top level of Star City Casino. We hired a bunch of camera equipment and the rest is history. Oh…and we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without the help of some of our gorgeous female friends ha.


SB: Sourcing: Where can people buy the single/see the music video?

CB: Highlife is available through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal and the list goes on…The Official Music Video is on YouTube and our band Facebook page. You should all check it out!

You can also get your hands on the track/see the video via our Official Website – www.crawfordbrothers.net


Crawford BrothersSB: Visioning: What are the future plans for the Crawford Brothers?

CB: Our plans for the rest of this year is to drop another two singles and release music videos for both which we’ll be directing again.

We are bringing our friend and super talented bass player, Rocko, over from Mexico and getting ready to tour Australia from around mid-year before heading back to the US to continue to spread the word and our music.

We will be focussing on writing more material in our home studio and putting together a collection of songs for another EP/Album (TBA). At the present moment we’re just focussing on single releases.


Crawford Brothers on Social: 

Official Website – https://www.crawfordbrothers.net/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CrawfordBrothers/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/crawfordbrothers/
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/crawfordbrothersband
Twitter – https://twitter.com/crawfordbros


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