How to enter your existing video into a new contest


It’s easy to enter your previous contest video into a new contest.  Just follow these simple steps.
1. Login into your StarBeat account (top right of every page)
2. Locate your video – or – use the search form
3. Click the three vertical dots – (see 1 below)
4. Click “Edit” – (see 2 below)
5. Click the green button that says “Enter the Contest”
6. Click the green “Save Video” button – (see 3 below)
And that’s it, now your old video is in the new contest!
Important note: Please note that your previous votes will NOT transfer from the old contest into a new one. New contest, new rules, everyone starts fair and square.


1. Locate the Edit Menu




2. Click “Edit Video”



3. Click the Buttons Below.

That’s it!

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