Jake Donaldson: Cover Master and Ace Solo Artist



We happened to catch a video on YouTube with our previous StarBeat’er Jades doing an amazing duet with this guy – and we just had to find out more!  Jake Donaldson is the real deal – from the long rockstar hair to the cool loops on his keyboard.


SB (StarBeat): Insight Time: Who has been an inspiration in your music?

JD (Jake Donaldson): My inspiration has always been Justin Bieber for his style both his on stage performance and his EDM music. My Mom says she can remember me listening to his songs, watching his videos and practicing his dance routines over and over until I knew them like they were my own. I really like all kinds of styles of music. Bruno Mars has that cool funk vibe with his songs and performances that I like, and I love the Chainsmokers style of music.


Jake DonaldsonSB: The Grind: What kind of training do you do?

JD: I take vocal lessons once a week in Toronto as well as guitar and vocal jam sessions. I take vocals daily at my school plus I practice every day in my own studio. For dance performance I do drop in classes for hip hop and popping and locking as well as I take competitive dance at my school daily.

I also go to a lot of concerts, I really feel they are a good learning tool for performance skills on how to interact with your fans and presentation on a stage. I always find myself just watching and learning. I use a lot of YouTube videos to learn most of my musical instruments. I have self taught myself piano, guitar, drums, uke, and bass guitar plus a few others.  I learned a lot on my writing skills working on my first song “Lost” and since then I have spent countless hours co-writing for my new EP and helping in the production of the EP.


SB: Crystal Ball Time: Where do you see yourself in the future?

JD: Well I know I will be doing something in the music industry – it’s just what I love. I love performing on stage and that’s my goal I am working towards. I am never nervous, I just get such a rush hearing fans screaming and the best part is when they are singing the songs you wrote.

I remember going to a Bruno Mars concert and he stopped singing and everyone else was singing it for him that was probably when I really knew this is what I wanted to do. My fans are so supportive and I really can see myself on tour in the future to sold out crowds.


SB: The other side: If you were NOT a singer what would you like to do?

JD: Well I guess the creative and artistic part of me would lead me to photography and videography. I like to direct my own music videos and I do all the editing on my own.  I like making lyric videos as well. I also work on my friends’ music videos and photo shoots it’s a challenge and I love that part. The musical side of me would lead me to producing – it combines being creative and the love of music at the same time. Producing I find interesting and rewarding.


Jake Donaldson


SB: Getting Schooled: How did you learn to loop and is it hard to do?

JD: Well I was watching Ed Sheeran videos and I thought hey I need to learn how to do that so I went online looked it up and practiced night and day. Its hard in the fact you have to be super precise, you mess up one loop and you have to start all over again.


SB: Mix it Up: Mash Ups seem to be a popular thing on your YouTube – are you planning anymore and if so with who would you like to do the next one with?

JD: I love doing mash ups they are really cool and my fans seem to like them. They can be kind of hard to do on a regular basis only because you need new songs all the time so you are not repeating them. I have had several artists ask to do the next mash up with me I really have no idea who I will be able to connect with next.


SB: Extra Curricular: What do you do in your spare time?

JD: I don’t have much spare time and I somehow always find myself back in the studio producing or writing new stuff. Most of my friends are all in this industry so spending time with them in the studio is always fun just goofing around. I like to just chill watch YouTube videos funny stuff, you know nothing really to think about just laughter.


Jake Donaldson


SB: Dream Boat: So many comments about the girls loving your long curly hair lol. Do you ever want to cut it?

JD: LOL There are always days I want to cut it but then I see the comments from my fans and I look at it that it gives me a different look from anyone else.  I have had long hair for so long now I am just used to it.  I guess I like it because I can wear it up too and it gives me a different look, different style.


Jake DonaldsonSB: Nerves of Steel: Do you ever get nervous on stage and where has your favorite place to perform been so far?

JD: Really loved being on the Day and Night tour with Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Zeigler! Being in front of a sold out crowd singing and having the fans reach out to touch your hand is something that just gives you a rush. I never get nervous the bigger the crowd screaming the more excited I get. Seeing people singing along with you and loving to hear you sing is the best feeling.


SB: Dancing Star: You do a lot of dancing on stage with back up dancers. Do you take lessons for this or does it just come naturally?

JD: I guess I was always watching Justin Bieber and practicing on my own when I was younger. I went to a dance studio for a few years and did competitive dance and I take competitive dance in school. I do a lot of drop in classes and work on my hip hop for stage perfomances.


SB: Fresh Sheet: Any new original music coming?

JD: Yeah I am really excited I just finished my first EP and I am getting ready to realease it on iTunes, CD Baby, and Spotify! I worked really hard on this and I hope everyone likes it the way I do. 


Jake’s Social Links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jakedonaldsonofficial/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jakedonaldson22/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/jakedofficial/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jakedonaldsonofficial/



Jake Donaldson Bio

Jake Donaldson is a 16 year old singer, songwriter, musician from Newcastle Ontario. He is a former member of the Mini Pop Kids appearing on CD’s 10, 11, 12 with the group. During this time he performed with them to sold out shows through out Ontario. Jake was also a Top 12 finalist on season 7 of YTV’s The Next Star and followed that up the next year with his first single “LOST” which can be found on iTunes.  The song was co–written and produced by well known and respected musician/producer Zubin Thakkar who later moved on to working as Shawn Mendes guitarist. Zubin’s mentoring had a profound effect on Jake and his musical career path intentions.  Jake was approached to record and sing a duet called “Infinity” written and produced by LA producer Smash On the Beat which can be heard on iTunes and Spotify.  Jake enjoyed touring with Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler in the United States this year and will continue  performing at several venues around Toronto and his hometown sharing his passion and supporting many charity events. Jake is currently collaborating on a new EP with Ryan Guay of Street Pharmacy and Juno award winner for EDM music, Adam Tune of Keys ‘N’ Krates. EP should be released on all sites late summer for all to enjoy.


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