Jamming Around the Kitchen Sink w/ Amy Tjasink

Let’s Jam along with Amy Tjasink from South Africa with her upbeat vocals and her original song ‘Baby It’s You’.


Amy TjasinkSB (StarBeat): From the Top: What got you in to music? 

AT (Amy Tjasink): Music was never an option for me as a child, I was strictly academic, with the occasional performace in school plays. I started to get into music when a family member taught me my first guitar chord at a barbeque when I was 15. I went straight home after the event, and asked my father to teach me another guitar chord, and with those two chords, I wrote my very first song.

I have not gone a day without singing and playing guitar since I was 15! (I am 25 years old now, 10 years strong!)


SB: Sourcing: What Inspires your music/songwriting? 

AT: Originally, my music was inspired by love, and most of my songs were written about the experiences of one relationship. My debut EP was full of songs about a 5 year relationship in my first years out of school. Love has always been a leading theme in my life, and it inspires me still. However, as I am maturing into my music style, I am finding myself writing music about new topics, about things that happen daily in society, from fun topics to more serious topics. I am enjoying discovering this side of my musical ability and getting to know myself as a writer.

As for the singing side of my career, I am inspired by most artists. I think that everybody is unique in style, but the artists that have influenced me the most, would be Norah Jones, Jack Johnson, Katy Melua & John Mayer.


Amy TjasinkSB: Vision Board: What are the plans for the future? 

AT: I am planning to release my full studio album in 2018 with a tour in London & Canada. I also hope to have my music released in the US, a dream that drives me and motivates me every day!



Find Amy on Social:

Website: www.amytjasink.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amytjasink/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amytjasinkmusic/





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