Journeys in Music w/ Jeyhan


Let’s get to know pop inspired singer-songwriter Jeyhan and his original music and he gets ready to journey down South to expand his musical talent.


JeyhanSB (StarBeat): Place: Where are you from?

J (Jeyhan): I was born in Rochester, NY, but moved to Northern VA (Washington D.C. area) and live there now. I’ll be moving to Miami, Florida this August to study vocal performance and music business at the University of Miami!


SB: People: Who are your musical inspirations?

J: My main influences are Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Jackie Wilson.

They have all influenced my music in a huge way, whether it’s vocally, artistically, production-wise, or performance-wise.


SB: Songs: Have you produced any original music?

J: Yes! I write and produce original music that is available on all music platforms! As of now, I have 4 singles and 1 EP (5 songs) out on streaming services and digital music retailers.


SB: Subject: Can you tell us a bit more about your current single ‘Mary Jane’?

J: I just released a new single called “Mary Jane” on July 20th! It is a fun upbeat summer song that is about falling for someone that you know is bad for you. In the song, the girl “turns me into someone new,” but I’m ok with it because it “feels too right.” The girl in the song is “Mary Jane.” The girl is bad for me, but makes me feel good in the moment. I’ve always wanted to do a song like “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson where the title and focal point of the song is this mysterious woman/character that he created, so that’s what I did with this song! It’s available on all music platforms. Link here:




SB: Things: What three things would you take to a deserted island?

J: I would take a record player with a bunch of records so I could play music without having to charge anything, a bunch of packets of gum, and sunglasses.


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