Keys To The Music w/ Misstiq


With proof that piano need not always be classical, Misstiq is brining new life to an old instrument with her signature heavy musical style.


SB (StarBeat): The Beginning: When did you start playing piano?

Mi (Misstiq): I developed an interest in playing piano at the age of 6. My parents signed me up to classical piano lessons soon after noticing how much fun I had when connecting to music – I played my (toy) piano a lot and danced to Backstreet Boys video clips.


SB: What’s in a Name: Where did the name Misstiq come from?

Mi: I like all things mysterious – spirituality, aliens, ghosts, conspiracy theories (just to name a few). Many years ago when I created a Playstation Network account, it involved the name Misstiq. In a very male dominated scene, I guess I wanted to stand out. I played COD Zombies immensely – when people from my randomised online teams saw I was female due to my name, they would immediately throw grenades at me and block me in a corner. I always had a bit of a laugh when I ended up being the one that had to revive everyone countless times and inform them of helpful tips (via headset).


SB: Sharing is Caring: We see you also teach piano now, what do you like to share with your students?

Mi: Besides working through compulsory exam work with my piano students, I love to incorporate arranging sessions in the lessons – I teach my students how to arrange song by ear on piano. They really enjoy this and I can feel it helps increase their self-efficacy as they are more motivated to learning piano. Not only do I aim to help my students grow as confident pianists, but also confident people; I provide support and advice to them (teens and kids) when they share various aspects of their life with me such as school, friends and personal interests.


SB: Black and White: There seems to be a lot of juxtaposition in your music, where does this come from?

Mi: Growing up learning classical piano and later developing a love for heavy music is quite the contrast, one may say. People who are aware of my piano life are always surprised when I tell them what music I listen to. I see a beauty in this ‘contrast’ that I can’t exactly explain. I guess these two contrasting interests symbolise to me something special: whatever interests and skills you have, there is always a way which you can tie them with one another, allowing them to compliment one another in a sense that positively impacts yourself and others.



SB: Vision Board: Dream venue or musical collaboration?

Mi: I have never thought about playing live alongside artists till only recently when more and more people have suggested it! It would be amazing to play a show or go on tour with some well known names. I won’t say any names in case I jinx it! When we go to shows, we usually hear songs played the exact same way as we hear them on CD – so, I think it would 100% be a positive thing for myself, the band and the audience if I was to be incorporated into live sets. There is a lot of talk about how less people are going to shows and I feel that this unique element would encourage people to get their butts out of their house.

As for dream venue, I’d be stoked with anything as long as I am with a band that genuinely respects what I do and I feel safe with… great equipment and lighting at the venue would be a bonus! It would also be wild to collaborate with some well-known and respected heavy vocalists to create a piano & vocal arrangement of their songs.

Side note: when I first started Misstiq, I really got into Avenged Sevenfold. Their music was one of the first I learnt to arrange by ear. Whenever I hear or think of them, I think back to who I was before all of this and reflect on how far I’ve come. So, even if I have anything to do with them in the future, I would be over the moon.


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