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“Top Latte Artist in Vancouver – The Beauty of Coffee”

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FREE to Enter – Win up to $4,000!

Contest Starts on:  July 01, 2018  |  12:01 am PST
Contest Ends on:    July 31, 2017  |  11:59 pm PST

Contest Rules: This contest is open to all residents of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Note: one video submission per entry.

Submit your best work please!

The Online Qualifier competition will officially launch at Midnight on July 1st 2018 and be open for voting until July 31st 2018 at 11:59pm PST where the Top 16 voted competitors will then be announced. The Top 3 Qualifiers will win Cash and Prizes (Top Qualifier will win the Grand Prize of $1500) and ALL 16 Qualifiers will be invited to compete for more Cash and Prizes at a LIVE Event in Vancouver, BC with a Grand Prize of $2500! (Finals Date and Location to be announced)

Open to anyone in the Greater Vancouver Area who can free pour Latte Art and get enough overall points to qualify for the LIVE Finals. Any competitor who wants to enter can submit a Video of themselves creating their Best Latte Art, Videos must be under 1 minute in length and must be one continuous clip (NO Editing or Piecing clips together) and make sure to introduce yourself in the video, we want to see your face. Get creative in your video and tell us about who you are and why you love what you do.

The competitors who make it to the LIVE Finals will have their performances filmed LIVE and uploaded directly onto where those videos will then be Voted on by the world to choose the Top Latte Artist in Vancouver!

The outline of the competition is simple:

To Enter – Sign up for an account on

And then enter the competition by uploading your Youtube or Vimeo video

Once your video becomes LIVE on, advertise it to your friends and family and your local coffee shops to vote for you. People can only vote once per video so encourage everyone you know to vote right away and share your entry with their friends to vote on and add to your overall points.

Qualifiers will be chosen based on total scores as calculated by the StarBeat voting algorithm.

There will be an elimination process which is detailed below

You are only allowed to enter once so please make sure you enter your best video

Good Luck, Have Fun and Be Creative!

And to follow the progress of the contest go to @starbeatevents on Instagram ( and join the event page on facebook


The purpose of the QUALIFIER ELIMINATION PROCESS is to ensure that Starbeat is in control to make decisions based on what is best for the overall results of the specified competition and Starbeat holds the rights to change the terms of Elimination Process at any time. By entering into the ONLINE QUALIFIER CONTEST you have already agreed to the terms of the QUALIFIER ELIMIANTION PROCESS outlined below


  1. ALL entries are subject for approval by Starbeat and may be disapproved, removed or eliminated at any time for any reason
  2. Anyone causing any negativity on Starbeat’s platforms may result in becoming banned from participation in any form in any Starbeat competition; present and future
  3. Categories and Finalists are selected by Starbeat through a result of Overall Points calculated by the Starbeat Algorithms in combination with Expert Panelist Judges opinions
    **Having the most Points does not mean automatic qualification**


As the ONLINE QUALIFIER contest begins, ALL approved competitor videos will appear on the website under the specified competition pages and will be eligible for qualifying for the LIVE FINALS competition. There will be a period of time advertised as OPEN ENTRY time in which any and all competitors have the ability to enter the competition. Once OPEN ENTRY time is closed, if it closes, then the ELIMINATION PROCESS will begin. (If a contest does not close its OPEN ENTRY time then ELIMINATION PROCESS will occur while contestants are still able to enter)

Once the ELIMINATION PROCESS begins it will result in certain categories and contestants videos being removed from the next stages of the competition and those entries will no longer be eligible to receive algorithms increasing their points. The ELIMINATION PROCESS will have a specified timeframe and Starbeat will pre-announce what Percentage of Participants will be eliminated at which times.
Example: Week 1 – Top 50% of remaining category move on while Bottom 50% are eliminated

The purpose of Elimination is to narrow down the number of competitors to a certain amount that will perform at the LIVE FINALS competition.

Since an audience member is only allowed to Vote once on your video then it will take a lot of effort to keep continuous traffic visiting and voting for you. To avoid being eliminated, do your best to create as much traffic, excitement and audience energy as you can on your submission throughout the duration of the ELIMINATION PROCESS to keep yourself popular with the online audience and actively in the face of Panel Judges. Promote yourself and the contest everywhere you can, and ask all your friends to vote and share.


July 1st-21st : Open Entry and Open Voting

July 22nd : Open Entry Closes MIDNIGHT July 22nd, Open Voting continues

July 29th : Top 25 Competitors will be announced at MIDNIGHT on July 29th and will be the only videos to remain Eligible for Voting while ALL others will be eliminated from receiving any more algorithms

July 31st : Top 16 Competitors will be announced at 11:59pm on July 31st as the only competitors Qualified to compete for Prizes at the Live Finals

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