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A huge Congratulations goes out to Sua Hong who finshed in 1st place after the 31 day online qulaifier for the Top Latte Artist in Vancouver contest.

Sua has won $1500 and joins the other Top 16 competitors in the Live Finals on September 21st where they will all compete live for a grand prize of $2500 and the prestige title of Top Latte Artist in Vancouver.

A big thank you goes out to all the competitors who entered videos into the contest, and to everyone that showed their support by watching, voting, and just following along. The final day had some serious competition between Sua and Arisa Fukuhara as the lead kept switching back and forth but it came down to the clock running out of time and who was in the lead when that happened.

Great contest you guys, and remember it’s not over yet. Stay tuned for more info coming soon about where the Live Finals will be held and what time, how to get tickets, and how to vote for the competitors during the event.

And thanks to all of our awesome sponsors for providing cash and prizes, and supporting all the competitors – ECM Espresso Coffee Machines, Breville Canada, Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy, Barista Canada, & Agro Roasters.


The Top 16 qualifiers invited to the Live Finals are below:

Sua Hong – Wins $1500

Arisa Fukuhara -Wins an $800 Voucher for “Opening a Coffee Business” from Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy

Lauren de Silva – Wins a Reg Barber Coffee Tamper

Misaki Yoshihara

Cole (from Nemesis)

Luka Kawabata

Yasmien Khan

Stephaine Ng

Kazuma Go

Gavin Tong

Kunie Ibana

Kyoung Jun Min

Yoyo Li

Daniel Chang

Hitomi Fukuda

Remi Ho

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