Leaning On The Beat w/ Ilhan Saferali


Everything old is becoming new again so let’s check out this young musician working on the world of Jazz music for the next generation.


SB (StarBeat): Talent List: What instruments do you play?

IS (Ilhan Saferali): Mainly Piano and trumpet, but I am learning guitar and drums.


SB: Timing: How long have you played music for?

IS (Ilhan Saferali): I’ve been playing music since the age of four.


SB: Stylistic: What styles of music to you like to play and listen to?

IS (Ilhan Saferali): Although I mostly play jazz, I love all kinds of music like pop, rock, hip-hop, funk, RNB and world music.


SB: Vision Board: What are your goals as an artist?

IS (Ilhan Saferali): I think one of my main goals is definitely getting the younger generation interested in jazz again. More and more young people are listening and playing jazz, I want to be part of that movement and really show kids how cool and immersive the music really is.



SB: Lifestyle: If you had to live anywhere where would it be?

IS (Ilhan Saferali): I think definitely New York or Montreal since the jazz and arts and culture scenes are so rich.


SB: Collections: What groups do you play in?

IS (Ilhan Saferali): I play in a jazz quartet called “The New Generation Jazz Quartet” and a band called “Cantaloupe Lounge” where we mix hip-hop, funk, soul, alternative rock, pop and jazz to create a new and fresh sound.


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