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StarBeat had a chance to chat with Olivia Cella – a young singer-songwriter who is just on the heels of being awarded June’s ‘Best Song of The Month’ by Songwriter Universe for her first single ‘Missing U’. Let’s see what else she has going on, as this is obviously just the beginning for her.


SB (StarBeat): Quick Intro: How did you get started in music?Olivia Cella

OC (Olivia Cella): In preschool when I lived in Switzerland I started doing school choir. I immediately fell in love with it and begged my mom for years to take singing lessons. When I was six and we moved back to the east coast, I started taking singing, acting, piano and art lessons. I was in my local theaters productions and I was in love with singing. I took singing lessons since age 4 and when we finally moved to California I took my love for singing a step further. I started making music videos and performing live at venues such as The House of Blues.


SB: Written Word: What topics do you most write about in your original songs?

OC: In my songs I mostly write about what I experience in my life. I write about how I feel in that moment, because I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

In hopes that other people can relate to my music, I write about true events. I mostly write about breakups between lovers and friends, how someone has done me wrong, and about what I like to do for fun. I always try to draw back to my memories so I can actually connect with what I’m writing.


Olivia CellaSB: Top Covers: Do you prefer doing covers of artists similar to you or changing it up and doing your own take on a song?

OC: I love putting my own twist onto a song, it’s so fun and it helps me connect with what the person who wrote it was saying. I like being able to sing a song and actually connect with the words and if changing the melody up a bit helps then I’m all for it!


SB: Stepping Stones: What are some of your top accomplishments so far?

OC: I just released my first original song that I wrote. It was such a cool and fun process and I’ve written songs before but to make a song that reached 54 on the New Music Weekly charts the third week out was insane for me! I also got to sing at The Apollo theatre in Harlem on the same stage as Micheal Jackson and many other famous artists.

I auditioned to sing and out of thousands of people I was one of a handful of  people chosen to sing at Amateur Night!


SB: New Stuff: Are you working on any cool new stuff right now?

OC: I actually am! I am shooting the music video for my next original song US2 this summer out in LA! I am beyond excited because I also have a project in the works that I am shooting in LA this summer too!! I’ll be announcing it soon so keep a look out!


Olivia CellaSB: Day Off: What are your go to activities when you get a free day?

OC: When I get a free day I immediately call up my besties and plan something fun. I love going into the city (New York) and walking around, shopping, going to cute cafes and having fun in such a beautiful exciting environment. I also love hiking, I love walking my dog around my neighborhood since I live on a lake it’s so pretty to see all the animals and trees and just being in nature is super relaxing. I love yoga and I take a minimum of two classes per week. I actually teach ariel yoga and I am a certified yoga instructor! But I love being able to just be a student again and take a class for myself. When I’m alone I like to paint. I have been taking art classes since I was three and whether it’s drawing, painting or sculpture I’m ready. I love anything that lets me express myself and it’s super calming and fun!


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