Mystique w/ Sarah Magic Makeup


Art comes in many forms and today we are featuring the makeup artwork by Sarah Magic Makeup. Let’s find out more about her journey and her unique art form.


Sarah Magic MakeupSB (StarBeat): Fresh Face: Can you give us a quick bio?

SMM (Sarah Magic Makeup): My name is Sarah, I’m a 35 year old child at heart, French, self-taught makeup and bodypaint aspiring artist, former piano and music teacher (among other jobs I’ve had, like logistic manager, tour guide, head of communication, huh I also worked at McDonald’s and in the vineyards…)


SB: Interest: How did you get in to the makeup world?

SMM: I fell in love with makeup when I was a little girl and I would watch my Mom do her morning makeup routine. I was fascinated with the colors, the smells and all the different textures and endless possibilities makeup offered. When I paint or do makeup, I love the transformation process the most, especially that little brush stroke that changes everything. A burst of light here, a drop of shadow there… and bam ! The makeup comes to life !

I love being able to create illusions and express feelings or thoughts, through paint and makeup.


Sarah Magic Makeup


SB: Everyday: What is you regular makeup routine like?

SMM: I usually don’t wear makeup when I’m not painting or filming a makeup tutorial, which most people find hard to believe. But I love the feeling of a clean naked skin =) and so does my husband, apparently.


SB: Redo: Is there anything you would change in your journey?

SMM: If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t go to college and get all those degrees I struggled getting. I’d study makeup instead and special effects and do everything I can to work in the movie industry. It’s my dream job and even though it might take longer for me to get there since I have no background in SFX whatsoever, I won’t stop trying until I succeed !


Sarah Magic Makeup


SB: Guides: What are some people and things that inspire you?

SMM: My favorite makeup artists are Akalyna ne Verba, Jordan Hanz and Sweetenzias. There are more but way too many so I’ll only name my Top 3.

What inspires me the most is probably nature but I’m a sucker for optical illusions and I’m kind of a nerd, geek, call if what you want. Anything Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Harry Potter, video games, books… and I’m a Pisces, so I can’t get any weirder! Just kidding ^^


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