NFT Marketplace Solution Using Ethereum and Polygon Ecosystem

The proven track record in the blockchain domain has opened the door for Intuz to be in the top-notch list of the client for Ethereum-based Blockchain application development i.e. NFTs (digital assets).


Intuz Development & Consulting

  • Blockchain Consulting
  • UI/UX design & application development
  • Ethereum & Polygon implementation
  • Smart Contract development
  • Metamask & Coinbase Wallet integration
  • IPFS Storage with AWS deployment

Brief Introduction

We prepared a phase-wise, end-to-end application roadmap after thorough analysis of various blockchain application development, competitor analysis, and more based on the client's short-term and long-term business orientation.

An in-depth analysis and due diligence was made towards the selection of blockchain, third-party wallets, the IPFS storage, cloud platform, security parameters and more.

Intuz recommended to be begin with the MVP phase by identifying the MUST HAVE features and implementing it in its simplest form. The purpose was to launch the application to the market as quick as possible.

 NFTON Marketplace

Create, List & Mint Your NFT On NFTON Marketplace

  • Set-up Your Wallet (Metamask or Coinbase)
  • Connect Your Wallet to NFTON Marketplace
  • Upload your digital asset to Create your NFT
  • Add price and Sell Your NFTs to other users on marketplace

Buy NFT, Authenticate Asset, Know the Seller

Users can see who is the original creator of the NFT, the current owner, the trading history of that particular NFT before making a purchase of the NFT.

Users can also check the proof of authenticity on Etherscan, that allows you to look up and validate transactions on Ethereum.

Promote your NFTs by sharing it on social platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Discord and more…

AI-powered Marketplace

AI-powered Marketplace To Help You Generate Text To Image AI Art

Unveiling AI Magic in the NFT domain to create outstanding art. NFTON brings cool features for Art enthusiasts who can generate art images using AI.

We have seamlessly integrated OpenAI’s Dalle API into the system, allowing you to create text-to-image art with prompts. Whether you wish for multiple or single previews, we’ve got you covered. Just enter your prompt, choose the type of art you wish to generate, and then sit back and relax. Your desired art will be ready to be published as an NFT within a few seconds.

 Earn Royalties

Create Single NFT or Collection, Resell NFT, Earn Royalties

Artists can create an NFT for an individual digital asset like a piece of music or photograph as well as, a collection that involves multiple digital assets.

One of the best features of the NFTON is to support original creator of the art or pieces by allowing them to share royalties. Morover, NFTON allows immediate royalty transfer to the artist's wallet as and when the art is sold.

Artists can also decide whether they want to allow buyers to resell their NFTs and if so, what royalty they would like to receive. Accordingly the NFTs are minted and the gas fees are charged based on blockchain network traffic.

NFTs Created

Less is More. NFTs Created. Collected. Sold.

Intuz UI experts have designed a neat & clean interface for the Artists to manage the NFTs.

One of the aspects we had to consider was to design a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use, yet seamless application considering the non-technical yet creative media niche of artists that too for blockchain and crypto industry. Intuz worked on the principle of ‘Less is more’.

Artists can view all the NFTs that they have created, purchased as well as sold on marketplace along with the trading history.

NFTON Full Image
Search, Filter & Favorite

Search, Filter & Favorite

From user-experience stand point, Intuz made sure that the end users should be able to reach to their desired NFT with minimal clicks. We implemented robust 'Search and Filter' feature to achieve the objective as well as implemented the caching mechanism that allowed NFTs in form of images, music, videos to load much faster with best performance.

Technical Specifications





What Our Client Says

We changed the way they do business, and they have no complaints


Client Testimonial

Patrick Mimran

Founder, Ransoft Srl,

Patrick Mimran

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We changed the way they do business, and they have no complaints

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