Notes of Neat w/ Nikita Afonso


Singer-Songwriter Nikita Afonso from Canada writes songs with feeling to connect with her audience.  Let’s find out more about her favourite song and top moments in her musical career so far.



Nikita AfonsoSB (StarBeat): Musicality: Who are some of your musical influences?

NA (Nikita Afonso): Some of my musical influences include Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and Joni Mitchell. The story telling behind their songs as well as musicianship are so well thought out and inspires me to become a better songwriter.

Not only musically but their performance skills and ability to engage an audience and capture and hold everyone’s attention throughout a whole concert is something that is so important in the industry.


SB: Top Pick: What is your favourite song that you have written thus far?

NA: My favourite song that I have written is a song called ‘Frostbite’. I wrote it in a time of extreme vulnerability and I think that while I am always being honest in my songs, this one lyrically and musically translates the raw and exposed emotions in a way I have never done before.


SB: Best of Show: What have been some career highlights?

NA: One of the best nights in my career so far was being pulled up on stage by one of my favourite live performers, Keith Urban. I had the opportunity to sing his hit “Kiss A Girl” with him in front of 5000 people in an arena and it was the most amazing adrenaline rush I have ever felt.

Also, winning Best New Artist at the International Portuguese Music Awards in 2017 and Best Music Video in 2018 were incredible experiences.  It was so humbling and encouraging to see that my work and perseverance was paying off and that my music was at a level to be recognized by an international organization.


Nikita AfonsoSB: Personal Style: How important is writing your own music to you?

NA: Writing my own material is something that is extremely important to me. I want to be able to write about and share my stories. I want to share things I have experienced myself or stories that inspired me to write from my perspective.


SB: Crystal Ball: What can we expect from you in the future?

NA: I am currently in the process of recording my third project! We are aiming for a fall release for a new single and to release the EP early next year.


SB: Release: Where can we listen online?

NA: You can find my music on all the streaming sites under the title “Nikita Games EP” as well as on my website where I have posted more songs from my self-titled album “Nikita Afonso.”  You can also find my online @NikitaAfonso and find covers on YouTube under my channel or the popular “The Safehouse Project” channel!


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