Notes of Sweet and Sassy w/ Logan Janeen



Let’s get to know up and coming singer Logan Janeen and her soulful notes of sweet and sassy.


Logan JaneenSB (StarBeat): Current Status: How old are you and where are you from?

LJ (Logan Janeen): I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana but I recently moved to Los Angeles, CA for my career. I am 21 years old.


SB: Distribution: How do you work to get your music heard?

LJ: Social media is a huge platform that has helped push my music. Nowadays, it’s the most efficient way to make yourself known as an artist. When I post new music, it’s like a chain reaction. Once one person shares my music, then others begin to share and that’s the beauty of the digital world.


SB: Heart and Soul: Where do you find your inspiration?

LJ: I am inspired by artists like Jasmine Sullivan and Beyoncé because they both bring something different to the industry and I like how their music don’t sound like everyone else’s music.

Their own style is reflected in their music.


Logan Janeen


SB: Fresh Sheet: Any new music for us?

LJ: “Things Change”  is my most recent song which is on YouTube and available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and more.


Logan JaneenSB: Style Guide: Do you focus on just one genre of music?

LJ: I try not to put myself in a specific genre. I wanna be able to do all genres, but my music that’s out now is more R&B. I also have a couple pop songs, but they haven’t been released yet.


SB: What has your musical artist journey been like?

LJ: I am an independent artist. As an artist, my biggest challenge has been reaching a bigger audience and creating a buzz.

I’m still working towards that so hopefully I’ll be going viral in the near future.


SB: Last Word: Any other cool stuff?

LJ: I recently launched my clothing line Vint which is also available on my website!


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