Saskia Eng: The Flight of a Scottish Songbird



Let’s all track the path of this young songbird on the rise as she takes her musical studies to school.


SB (StarBeat): The Beginning: When did you start singing? How did you learn?

SE (Saskia Eng): I started singing when I was 9 after entering a talent competition at a chidrens soft play centre and winning it. After that I began singing lessons then auditoned for a music school when I was 11.

I am currently in my 5th year at the music school studying piano, academic music, theory and singing.​


Saskia Eng


SB: Daydreaming: Who is your Dream Duet?

SE: My dream duet would be J​ames A​rthur. He is so talented and current and he is also an amazing songwriter. My dream female duet would be A​dele.​


Saskia EngSB: Let’s get motivated: What is your biggest influence or motivation?

SE: The​ biggest motivation for me is positive comments and com​pliments. They outweigh any negatives. The best feeling in the world is a standing ovation and being applauded off a stage. I would say my biggest influences have been the teachers at my music school who have given me so many opportunities over the years.

And also every single artist that I have covered.


SB: Crystal Ball: Plans for the future?

SE: Plans for the future are to keep doing what I’m doing and also concentrate more on original music now I am gaining more confidence as a writer. I want to have people come to see me at MY concert and sing along with me. I also plan to sit my grade 8 voice exam this year and advanced higher music early next year.


Saskia EngSB: Top Picks: Favourite bands or singers?

SE: I like so many artits old and new. My favourite bands are The 1975 and a Scottish band called Deacon Blue, I have seen them both live. I have also recently discovered a band called London Grammar who I love.

The list is never ending for singers, Sam Smith, Adele, James Arthur, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse. I also like a lot of older singers, Dusty Springfield, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin to name a few.


SB: The Outside World: What do you like to do outside of singing?

SE: Outside music I do more music! Seriously it’s what I love most. I constantly listen to music and it’s my life inside school and outside school. I have a lot of like minded friends who I meet up with for lunch dates etc. My second love is shopping and lots of it.


SB: Bonus Question: Favourite treat – sweet or salty?

SE: Salty.. nothing better than salty popcorn!​


Saskia’s Social Links: 

YouTube: Saskia Eng
Facebook: @SaskiaEngMusic
Instagram: @SaskiaEngMusic


Saskia Eng



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