Simply Music w/ Kailie Simpson


Singer-Songwriter Kailie Simpson writers her music and words to directly reach her audience. Let’s find out more about her methods, influences and where she wants to go with her career.


SB (StarBeat): Procedures: What is your writing process like?

KS (Kailie Simpson): My process, in the most simplest form is … not forced. I don’t write because its expected, or because I haven’t in a while. I write because I NEED to. I have it inside of me, and it comes right out. I go weeks and months sometimes without writing music… when I do have my dry months I am empty, sad, lost… but I can’t force my process. Even if I tried, the music would be meaningless and lame to me.

I have to FEEL it.  


Kailie Simpson


SB: Directions: What influences your music?

KS: My life. I get really personal. So far everything I have written has been from personal experience. Life gives me the best writing material. I got to a point where I just stopped caring…if you made an impact on my life (positively or negatively) I was writing about it. I have no problem putting in mass amounts of details, and just being open, honest and real. I think realness is something this world lacks right now, so my REAL LIFE influences my music. I try my very best to continue to be an open canvas and paint pictures for everyone to relate to.


Kailie SimpsonSB: Career Path: When did you realize you wanted to be a professional musician?

KS: I always loved singing and growing up it was always a fun dream to want to be a “singer”. But it wasn’t until I got into college where I realized there was no other path for me to take. I was in my third year and I was in a classroom with people who were excited to be there. Studying, working hard, getting internships. They had some passion for the subjects the professors were speaking about. I hated it. I felt trapped. I was miserable, and I found myself reaching for music. That’s where my passion, my soul was from the start. It just took me some time to figure it out.


SB: Influencers: Who are some musicians you most look up to?

KS: I get intimidated by this question… I feel like the acceptable answer would be some iconic classic older musicians from over 30-50 years ago. And I should spit some unknown names around that people would later be impressed that I even knew who they were. But to be completely honest I grew up in the popculture pop artist world and I love it. My personal music style isn’t that typical “pop” sound but some musicians who truly inspire my music at the moment include: lady gaga, John Mayer, Kacey Musgraves, Kehlani, Adele and Amy Winehouse.


Kailie SimpsonSB: Crystal Ball: Where do you see your music in 10 years?

KS: I see my music maturing and growing. I want my music to resemble me in the purest, most honest form. I see my music relating to people. In ten years if my music has helped heal people then I was successful. Music should save lives. Give people hope. Confidence. Strength. Happiness. Clarity. In ten years my music will do that for individuals.


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