Strings that Sing w/ Guitarist Andrei Cerbu



Some sing using their voice, and others are able to make their instruments sing. Let’s chat with Andrei Cerbu from Romania on how he gets his guitar to sing.


Andrei CerbuSB (StarBeat): When and why did you start playing the guitar?

AC (Andrei Cerbu): At 7 years old, my dad showed me on YouTube some guitarists and questioned me: “Do you want to play the guitar?” and I answered very exited: “Yes!!!”. I really liked everything they do that I want to play better than them.

My Dad bought me my first electric guitar and sent me to Petran Paveliuc, the best guitar coach from my town.


SB: Did you ever part of any music competitions?

AC: I went to Romanian Got Talent, when I was almost 11 years old and it was one of my biggest chances to be known in my country. I played, in the beginning, a part from “Still Got the Blues” by Gary Moore.

It was a big success and, from that moment, I went to semifinals where I played another well-known song from my idol, Parisienne Walkways. I won the semifinals with this song and, from that point, my country considered me a little Gary Moore and I got more well-known. In the finals, I got the third place, where I played a mashup of some riffs from bad-ass songs, with Mr. Patoi, one of the best guitar players in Romania.


SB: Who are some of your top musical mentors?

AC: Nicu Covaci is the first one who put me on my first big stage and, because of him, I got a lot of experience and I learned to play for real with a band. Then, Rares Totu taught me about the sound and tone of the guitar. He showed me what Hendrix is and the old music!

There are a lot international mentors for me, but, the most important one mentor for me from all over the world is Gary Moore. He is the one who influenced my music and first introduced me to Hard Rock! Unfortunately, I didn’t meet him, that’s for me a very sad thing, but I know that without his music, I would’t play and be like I am now! 


Andrei Cerbu


SB: Do you have a band? What type of music do you like playing?

AC: Yes, of course I have a band! It’s hard for a person to play alone with a backing track. That’s for me something that I can’t stand at all. My band’s name is “The IronCross”, and we play Heavy Metal and Hard Rock! In our songs, there is always some Blues or Hard rock things that come from me! We are going to release our first album very soon, and I am so exited about it!!! 


Andrei CerbuSB: Would you ever want to play any other instruments – or is it guitar all the way?

AC: Actually, guitar is not my only option. I started for one year ago to sing. It’s very strange for me to do that because I’m not a singer, my voice is still changing and I’m forced to play because I can’t play anything. All the best songs are with singers, and it’s very strange just to play the guitar part, but that is not a bad thing! My english is improving slowly by playing every time, so that’s a good thing for me! Also, I try to use piano when I compose my music so that it will be easier for me to get the chords that I like, and then I just put them on the guitar! The idea is that guitar will remain forever my first choice of instrument, but that will not exclude other instruments.


SB: What has been your favourite musical experience so far?

AC: My dream is to go to America, ride a Harley on the Route 66 to the biggest Blues festival, with the guitar on my back! Also, my favourite experience was in California, when I participated at the World Championship of Performing Arts, where I got 2 world championship titles, 3 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze. It was a lot of work, a lot of money, but it was worth it!!!

When I reached the finals, I was so exited because I realized something that was impossible in my mind: that some experts in music from America will appreciate my music, and for me that means a lot!!


Andrei CerbuSB: Where would you like your music career to go in the future?

AC: Well, a lot of people asked me this one, and it is hard for me to tell what will my future holds!

But, my dream is to go to America, again on a Harley, because my style is closer to what music styles are played there.

Also, I want to have one of the best studios placed in Los Angeles, where I can record my work and also help others who wish to do something with their passion for music.

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