Strokes by Stylus and Brush: Introducing Art by Camilla




SB (StarBeat): Introductions First Please: Who are you and what do you do?

CA (Camilla): I’m Camilla, an artist based in southern Finland. I work with graphic design and digital art for a living and entertain myself, my friends and my social media followers by doing traditional art YouTube videos whenever I have the time.




SB: Sources: What inspires your art and how do you stay inspired?

CA: Anything around me can give me inspiration. But things I find especially inspirational are animals, nature, books/movies, music and culture. The usual stuff. (;

I love to travel and see the world, take a lot of photographs and experience different cultures and environments.

I also try to make my home, where I do most of my work, inspirational and cozy with décor, candles, plants and the 7 tarantulas, 2 ball pythons and one dog I live with right now.

My pets help me find that peaceful state of mind where I want to create something beautiful.


CamillaSB: Time to pick favourites: What is you favourite motif to draw?

CA: Definitely animals! I have always been passionate about animals and drawing is a great way to express that passion.


SB: History Lesson: Have you always liked to draw?

CA: I have, but I didn’t always feel like I was good at it. When I was a kid I was particularly crazy about horses. I mean “thinking about them 24/7”- crazy. Drawing horses was a way for me to get some of those overwhelming feelings of love out. I would doodle horses on eeeeverything! From there I started to draw other things I liked too.

I remember that I had a friend who would draw very pretty horses, while mine often would look more like radioactive cows. I was admiring my friend’s drawings and vowed that one day I would draw just as well as she did. Even though I will always feel like I can improve, I definitely think I have reached that goal by now. 😉


SB: Mediums: How do you like to work within art?

CA: I have always felt like digital art is something I want to work with (as in work with clients and get paid for) while traditional art is more of an outlet for my own feelings, thoughts and ideas. Even though I obviously sometimes do digital paintings just for fun too.

In traditional art I love to come up with new ideas and try any and all materials, anything from drawing on canvas to painting with instant coffee, just let my hand work and see what I come up with.

Digital art and working with clients I think helps me to grow as an artist a lot. It’s very easy to get stuck in your comfort-zone if you just work by yourself. It’s also always interesting to see the result of several, very different minds working together.


CamillaSB: Video Star: How did you start doing YouTube videos?

CA: Like a lot of stories start; ‘I saw something on the internet and wanted to try it’. ;D

I had seen some time lapse drawing videos and so many hours of work sped up to a couple of minutes that looked really cool and I wanted to try it. Before this I hadn’t really shown my art publicly it was just something I did when I was alone. Maybe some digital drawings on Facebook but mostly I kept it all for myself.

My first video was a graphite drawing of a moose. Friends seemed to like it so next I decided to film myself trying out my first Copic marker set I had gotten from my mother for my birthday. I drew a tiger on a cheap piece of paper I pulled out from a sketching pad. This particular video has since gotten over 150 thousand views on YouTube.

I guess that is enough said about why I’ve kept the videos coming ever since. It is a very personal thing to share your own art for the world to see, but the support and positive feedback I have gotten has been absolutely amazing and I’m sure it’s one of the reasons I ended up having enough courage to try working in the art industry as well.


CamillaSB: Day Dreaming: Any dreams and goals?

CA: When I have the time and can afford it I would love to do some type of big art project to raise money for a good cause. To protect an endangered species or help homeless dogs and cats or something similar.

Right now I am working on a logo design for a non-profit organization that raise money for wounded police officers and fallen officers’ families. My dad is a police officer himself so this is very important work for me personally. That’s really my biggest goal with art.

Making a difference and doing some good wherever I can.


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