Dan Garb

Dan Garb

Dan’s Story

I started skateboarding when I turned 14 and have been hooked on it ever since. I love and do all types of genres of skateboarding, but my favourite of them all is freestyle. I feel freestyle is so much more creative than any form of skateboarding. A more artistic side. I practice around 4 hours on a daily basis. This past summer I was lucky enough to once again be chosen for the World Round-Up Demo Team putting on demos at fairs in B.C. Coming to Canada to skate with Kevin Harris, Andy Anderson and Dillanger Kane was the highlight of the summer.

Although I live in Oregon it is still a gnarly 14 hour bus ride to Cloverdale. Lets see that’s a 28 hour round trip and I have made that trip 5 times. That works out to 140 hours I have been stuck on that #!%@& bus, ( laughing ). This year instead of repeating that bus trip, which is too much for me to handle any more, I’m going to be driving to the event. Should save me more time and be at the event in 9 hours. Didn’t think I lived that close to Canada. I love coming to the Round-Up to see good friends from around the world, as well as to pick up some new tricks.



2016 World Round-Up: 18th Place Pro
2015 World Round-Up: 10th Place Pro
2014 World Round-Up: 14th Place Pro
2013 World Round-Up: 1st Place Best Trick

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