Josh Dunstone

Josh Dunstone

Josh’s Story

I have been skating for 5 years, it’s what I love, it’s not just a hobby or a phase, it’s a passion. I first got into freestyle by watching Brett Novak’s videos of Kilian Martin, I absorbed so much inspiration from their videos that I was motivated to do something unlike anyone else. Most of my life i’ve been an ‘outcast’ so freestyle, being so different and goofy, I was drawn to it. Skating was not only fun but it made me happy and feel safe, my stress reliever, my outlet. Slowly and unknowingly, freestyle became an addiction that I would have to struggle and fight for just to be able to skate. I became obsessed practicing 3 to 4 hours a day, and if I didn’t skate for like 2 days I’d freak out. Skating for me wasn’t like anything I’ve ever done in my life, it’s an art form for me, creating new and different tricks. Although I graduated from the 12th grade in 2014 at Sandringham College, I was expelled by the principal at St Bedes in grade 10. He challenged my skating, and told me I was delusional and crazy for even thinking I can make anything out of skating. Well, that made me all the more determined to prove him wrong. Going to the Round-Up in 2016 was very important to me, as I was able to almost instantly connect with other people just like me and amazingly enough we weren’t outcasts at all because we were are family. I also came in 7th Place in the Amateurs Division against over 20 other am’s proving to myself that my high school principal didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

Although I admire Kilian Martin’s style, flow and creativity, I want to have my own style. I have also drawn inspiration from others like Brett Novak, Mike Osterman, Dan Garb and anyone who has a passion and love for skating. Watching the 2013 World Round-Up, inspired me to want to compete and meet other freestyle skaters, unfortunately in Melbourne there aren’t many freestylers. There’s a famous spot in Melbourne called Lincoln Square which is a great spot to skate, but my favourite has to be the parking garage just down the street, it’s where I go every night to let my creativity out and learn new tricks and just to have fun. I’ve been working a few different jobs to save enough money to get back to Vancouver for this years contest. Can’t wait to see my Freestyle Family again.



2016 World Freestyle Round-Up: 7th Place Amateur
2015 State Of Mind Tournament: 1st Place Amateur
2014 State Of Mind Tournament: 1st Place Amateur

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