Mike Osterman

Mike Osterman

Mike’s Story

I received my first skateboard in 2005 when I was 11 years old and have tried to skate every day ever since. Currently I am riding my signature deck from MODE skateboards. After graduating from Illinois State University I decided I needed a change, so I migrated to Southern California. I’m having a ball exploring my new neighbourhood and skating with so many freestylers. I spend most of my time making freestyle videos for my YouTube channel. You can follow the video link below to view more tips on how to do freestyle tricks.

I find that the freestyle skateboarding community is the most unique, creative, and neurotic group of athletes in the world. I love coming to the World Round-Up each year to see my best friends and skate with some of the best freestyle skaters in the world, it’s amazing. Besides Stefan Albert never posts his best tricks on line, so I need to see him skate in person in order to steal them. To anyone who’s new to freestyle, I’d suggest joining Facebook groups like the F-forum or the World Round-Up page. They’re both great places to find trick tips, upcoming events, and juicy gossip. Other than that, just do your thing, homie.


2016 World Round-Up 3rd Place Pro
2015 World Round-Up 2nd Place Pro
2014 World Round-Up 1st Place Pro
2013 World Round-Up 3rd Place Pro
2012 World Round-Up 8th Place Pro
2012 World Round-Up 1st Place Best Trick


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