Ryan Brynelson

Ryan Brynelson

Ryan’s Story

Although I started skateboarding when I was about 8, I really didn’t take it seriously until I was invited by my aunt’s friend Monty Little to a party were I met professional freestyle skater Kevin Harris, from that point on I was hooked. Kevin has definitely been my mentor and good friend, spending so many hours helping me learn tricks that I have lost tract. That was almost ten years ago and to this day I have been skating about four days a week non-stop. It’s definitely become a routine much like eating or brushing your teeth. I also took a bad fall that resulted in two serious compound fractures to my left arm that took three surgeries to correct. For whatever reason though that accident was the spark that ignited the fire giving me the desire to become a professional skateboarder myself. There is something very special about freestyle, It’s a style of skateboarding that is just so creative. There are so many tricks and variations you never get bored, however spins are my favourite trick without a doubt. When I am spinning, it just feels so natural and turns all my problems into a blur.

Aside from skating I am the Assistant Manager at the West 49 Store and Skatepark at the Tsawwassen Mills Mall. One of the perks of working there is being able to skate the 3,000 foot concrete skateboard park at the back of the shop that was designed and built by Newline Skateparks. Recently my good friends Kevin Harris, Hippie Mike, Andy Anderson and myself started an on-line portal site for the freestyle community called RAD Skate Society. Thor Media is currently working on our web site, so stay tuned.

I lived in Japan for two years where I attended and graduated from the Yokohama Design College. I also worked as an Interpreter at the school helping foreign students. While I was attending school I met and married the love of my life Rachel, we moved back to Canada in 2016 and now call Delta our home.

Another thing that I am very proud of, is my great sponsors, one in particular, Protest Skateboards, has been there for me since 2011. The founder of Protest, Hippie Mike, also makes my signature freestyle deck which I am holding in my photo. This will be the 5th World Round-Up that I have attended, love the freak-show, so of course I belong there. I am also a member of the World Round-Up Demo Team that puts on skateboard demonstrations across B.C. every year.



2016 World Round-Up Freestyle Championships: 7th Place Pro Division
2015 All Japanese Freestyle Championships: 3rd Place Pro Division
2014 All Japanese Freestyle Championships: 1st Place Pro Division
2014 World Round-Up Freestyle Championships: 10th Place Pro Division
2013 World Round-Up Freestyle Championships: 1st Place Amateur Division
2012 World Round-Up Freestyle Championships: 2nd Place Amateur Division

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