Toni Medina

Toni Medina

Toni’s Story

I live in the seaside community of Blanes on the Costa Brava, which is on the East Coast of Spain about 2 1/2 hours north of Barcelona. Took up freestyle skating after watching some Powell & Peralta videos with Rodney Mullen, Kevin Harris and Per Welinder in them.

My skating style is a combination of street and freestyle which I picked up from my good friend Kilian Martin. I have been very lucky to visit Kilian in California many times, skating at the famous Oceanside Beach Park together, making videos, visiting the Powell & Peralta Factory and meeting one of my idols, Rodney Mullen, this past summer. Although Rodney is the inventor of so many great tricks, I have also been influenced by Richie Jackson and Chris Haslam.

I try and put in about 2 hours a day practicing tricks, some of which take longer to learn than others. Take the coconut wheelie, that took me along time to perfect and I injured myself many times. I am a Gardner by trade but also make some extra cash putting on skateboard demos. My sponsor, Kilian Clothing, has always treated me right which I am very grateful for.



2010 Paderborn, Germany: 5th Place
2009 Seinfeld, Germany 360 Spin-Off: 1st Place
2008 Grand Prix du Trocadero Paris, France: 6th Place

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