The Long And Short w/ The Long War


Let’s check in with the band The Long War who had a big year in 2018 touring the landscapes of Canada playing shows from coast to coast. They let us in on their favourite moments so far, and what is coming for the future.


Quick Bio: 
“The Long War is a Vancouver based Indie Band with haunting harmonies, unique songwriting and a modern Canadian sound. Singer/song writer Jarrett Lee works together with vocalist/guitarist Chad Gilmour, vocalist/keyboardist Jessica Lee, vocalist/drummer Neil Williamson, and bassist Carson Webber to create a dynamic sound thatranges from Folk to Rock. Jarrett’s inspiration can largely be attributed to the landscapes and environments that have influenced him throughout his life.”


SB (StarBeat): Activity: Since winning CBC Searchlight in 2017 what have you been up to?

TLW (The Long War): We released our first full length album called “Landscapes” in April and toured it across the country, from Vancouver to PEI and back.


The Long War


SB: Highlights: What are some of your most memorable shows to date?

TLW: We’ve been so lucky to play some high profile shows already, the NAC for Canada’s 150th, The CBC Music Festival, Banff Performance in the Park.  Selling out The Blacksheep in Wakefield was really special. We recently performed an Artist showcase for Music BC in part with the Vancouver International Film Festival at The Orpheum Annex.


The Long WarSB: Level Up: What are some of the things The Long War are trying to do to take the next leap, what are your hopes and dreams?

TLW: We’ve been trying to work backwards in expanding our audience and growing our following.  We’re still a fairly new band, Searchlight was only our fourth show when we played it. But things have been going great, we’ve been writing new music and working alongside some local producers – collaborating and growing our network.  

We want to a part of expanding the Vancouver music scene. It’s important for us to work hard both musically and behind the scenes.  There are a lot of talented people in the industry, we’re just happy to meet them, learn from them and be part of the conversation!


The Long WarSB: Upcoming: What’s next for The Long War?

TLW: We’re playing a “Let’s Hear It BC!” live showcase at The Fox Cabaret November 15th which is put on by Music BC.  We’re in the writing process and will be releasing some video content before the year’s out.  

Next year is about growing our sound, streamlining how we want to release music and content.  

We’re excited for what’s to come!

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