The Winner of TUS1 is…



And, The Winner of TUS1 is…



Congrats Mike!

Super consistent performance in all 3 Rounds – from start to finish. Well deserved!!!

You scoop our TUS1 Online Title in style and feel free to add another tat to your collection…

(A very fitting profile pic BTW!)



Round 3 Results

The official Expert Panel Voting results are in! 


TUS1 Round 3: Expert Panel Voting Results

Position Points Contestant Prize Country Video + Shoutouts
1 588 Mike Osterman $2,000 USA 
2 577 Kilian Martin $1,000 Spain 
3 571 Cristobal Bahamonde $500 Chile 
4 569 Connor Burke $400 USA
5 560 Jesse Whalen $350 USA
6 524 Masahiro Fujii $300 Japan 
7 505 Beau Trifiro $250 USA
8 499 Yuta Fujii $200 Japan 
9 472 Nick Beaulieu $150 USA
10 468 Sean Burke $100 USA


Music Please!

Huge thanks to our Round 3 panelists:

Chris HaslamHippie MikeJay MandarinoKevin HarrisKyle DionPer Welinder, Sean Mortimer

You guys rock!

Top 10 Final 


And of course, mega thanks to you, ALL THE CONTESTANTS, who carved this inaugural freestyle online competition in 15 countries on 5 continents.

Your vids are top notch and we’re thrilled with your contributions to the worldwide growing sport of freestyle skateboarding.

The Ultimate Skateboarder


And of course, let’s give some love to our Awesome Sponsor: Powell Peralta!!!

Check out their social channels: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter  YouTube  Vimeo                            


[Music fades, scratch…] 

And TUS2?!?

Of course, keep posted…

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