Training for the Leap w/ Alexandre Ollier


Parkour is often called free running, but with Alexandre Ollier it should be called free jumping. Let’s find out how he trains for the big leap and what some of his best times in Parkour have brought.

SB (StarBeat): Just Curious: Cool Video! What possesses a person to start jumping off building roofs?
AO (Alexandre Ollier): The desire first of all, the desire to taste the adrenaline, the action, the desire to learn an original and difficult movement. The motivation to move forward is the primary source of training.
The parkour is an ideal practice for a person who loves adventure, who likes to move everywhere and who likes sportsmanship.
Alexandre Ollier
SB: In Training: How do you prep for learning a new move?
AO: The preparation of a jump is above all the envy of reaching a new personal goal. When I prepare a new jump, there are 2 phases, physical and psychological preparation. The mind for a jump is 50% important, as is the physical preparation. So, I look so bodily I’m able to make the jump I want, and if it’s the case, it’s the mind that will decide if I jump or not. The confidence in silk must be 100%. I jump if I know I will succeed, only if I’m sure. 
In a jump, he has 99% control and 1% chance. Nothing is done on a whim, never.
Alexandre Ollier
SB: Public Places: What reactions do you get when you are out doing Parkour?
AO: In the street, the reactions of people are diverse, I see everything, people admiring, like people who appreciate less. I often have to explain what I do concretely. It remains a sport that is practiced in the street, so you have to accommodate all kinds of criticism. People who do not know parkour often wonder what I do and why I do it. However, I train more and more away from the general public.
Alexandre OllierSB: Memory Bank: What has been your best Parkour Day?
AO: My best memory in parkour was this summer during my trip to Santorini with two friends. Indeed, Santorini is the city considered as the paradise of parkour, because the environment is just perfect for the practitioners. In my opinion, I’ve had the most fun so far.
SB: Other Side: There must be some challenges in Parkour, what has been a tough experience?
AO: The challenges are started by myself, because only I know my body and my abilities perfectly. This avoids all kinds of unnecessary injuries. Challenges can be hard times, that’s why I work to achieve them when I’m ready. Parkour is a long-lasting sport, there is no secret about success.
SB: In A Different World: If not Parkour, what would we find you doing?
AO: In a different world, I think that even without knowing that parkour exists, I will be someone who climbs, jumps, moves quickly without knowing why he is doing it. I think it’s really something natural for me.
Without speaking sport, I will work surely in the communication and the audio-visual, as a cameraman / filmaker for example. These are areas that I like.


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