Violin One More Time w/ Volkan Can Canbolat


StarBeat first got to know Volkan The Violinist in August 2017 and are excited to see what he’s been up to lately.  Make sure to watch his killer new cover of Britney’s ‘Toxic’.


SB (StarBeat): Quick Update: It’s been a few months since we last chatted – what have you and your violin been up to?

VCC (Volkan Can Canbolat): We have been doing great!! Since our last interview I have released two cover videos. Game of Thrones and Britney’s iconic song Toxic. Toxic is also on iTunes. My first ever release on iTunes.


SB: The Right Fit: After watching your cover of Britney’s ‘Toxic’ it almost feels like it was meant to be a violin instrumental. How did you get the idea to cover this song?

VCC: I have studied classical music my entire life. So I wanted my first pop cover to sound somewhat classical. One day I was out dancing with friends and Toxic came on with all that crazy violin intro.

I knew at that moment that I found the one!! 🙂


SB: Friends in Good Places: The Toxic video included some amazing dancers, how did that concept come together?

VCC: Well I had this idea that I wanted this video to be the celebration of all of the arts. We shot the video at MaRS art gallery and I collaborated with dancers from different dancing styles. I used the power of Instagram and reached out to them through social media.

Amanda Lacount is a rising star who was just recently on The Ellen show and danced for Katy Perry. Alex Policaro is a USC freshman studying ballet and is a true inspiration and Cem Yazicioglu uniquely combines R&B with kinesthetic movements. All three of them were amazing, so professional and creative!

I think I got lucky.


SB: Gaming: For the 1% that hasn’t watched it (editor’s note: me included), what was it about the GOT theme song made you want to take it on?

VCC: Oh you have to see the show. I watched all 7 seasons in two weeks with my roommate. As I was watching it though I would pause it and try to play the soundtrack on my violin (which drove my roommate crazy!!) Composer Ramin Djawadi is a pure genius. He is the modern Beethoven.


SB: Taking Steps: Where do you see you and your violin heading next?

VCC: I am working on two more covers at the moment. Havana and Smooth criminal and have some crazy video ideas for each one of them.

I also have some live shows coming up here in LA. Can’t wait to share them all with the world!!  


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