Wander the World w/ Videographer Paul Evan Becker



Let’s go along on an adventure from the comfort of our screens, through the eyes of videographer Paul Evan Becker from Germany. 


Paul Evan BeckerSB (StarBeat): So – you make videos. How did you get started?

PEB (Paul Evan Becker): I got my first DSLR camera when I was twelve years old and originally started out only taking photos.

After a few years I realised that my camera is also great for video. That’s when I got into filmmaking and slowly developed my own style by filming travels, music videos and pretty much anything.


SB: Looking Back: What are some of your previous travel highlights?

PEB: During my exchange year in the United States I visited New York City. That was probably the coolest city I have ever been to!

Other than that I loved to explore London, Paris and several other places in Europe.


SB: Wanderer: We hear you are in New Zealand right now, how is the trip going?

PEB: Yeah! Me and my best friend arrived here about a month ago and are now traveling New Zealand in our van. It has been amazing so far and living in a van is probably the craziest travel experience you can have!

Waking up in the middle of nowhere to have coffee and breakfast right next to the ocean is my favourite part of that.

You always meet friendly locals and other travellers that way as well!

Paul Evan Becker


Paul Evan BeckerSB: Musically Inclined: You sing a bit too – how does music inspire your current travel journey?

PEB: The first thing we did after buying our van was to buy a guitar. We have jam sessions almost every day and with everyone we meet! Some good tunes are a must during our road trips as well and our playlists keep growing every day.

In my opinion music is generally one of the most inspiring aspects in life and the best way to connect with people on a whole other level.

SB: Now Boarding: Where might your future travels take you?

PEB: We definitely want to check out Asia on our way back to Germany. Other than that I pretty much want to visit as many places as possible while I still can!

SB: Homesick: Top 3 things you are missing from back home?

PEB: Cheep beer, actual bread and techno parties.



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