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StarBeat chats with this model from Denmark knocking on the door of the acting world in the USA.


Mark David GosseSB (StarBeat): How did it all start, and why acting?

MDG (Mark David Gosse): My interests have long been on the model world where I’ve been doing a lot of advertising work, but it took a turn, just over a year ago when I was contacted by an agency from US who told me I was a potential actor. I thought about it a long time, and participated in plays on the master class online and with some friends from the Royal Theatre.

I saw that IPOP! Which is the world’s leading talent event, promoting new talents to leading agents, executives and casting directors should hold an audition at the Bella Sky Hotel in KBH near where I live. I took the opportunity to see if the US agency was right. I then made a commercial monologue for those, and I was called in after a few hours and was asked to meet with talent agents. There they said that I should go with them to Los Angeles to train and show myself to many.

I won medals and, signed a contract with The Crawford Agency in the United States.

I have since January where I was at IPOP! In LA, trained and practiced me in different situations and yes, it has come into my life now. I have given presentations to the Modelling School in Denmark about what they’re about to enter (this showbiz) and what to think about when you are new to it. Like myself. 


Mark David GosseSB: How do you motivate yourself or stay on track?

MDG: I am often motivated by songs, there may be some songs about love, but also making the one thing you love even though it can be difficult sometimes or if you are alone sometimes. And then it’s also nice to watch some great actors, like Will Smith, Matt Bomer and not at least Idris Elba to see what you can accomplish one day with hard work.

SB: Why is it so hard to be discovered as an actor?

MDG: Well, in such an industry it is very difficult to be alone if you want things to go as planned. So, having a large network, will be your greatest gift, if people know about you, and of cause you’re good…

They will remember you.

I do not say that my network is big, but I will work hard and meet up with so many people as possible so that I can move on to a new level every time.


SB: How does this affect a normal life?

MDG: To tell a person what you are doing or have done will make most people come closer, they are interested in what you are doing of cause, but attaching a bond to a loved one can sometimes be quite difficult, there is very easy jealousy involved, so It is important to explain as clearly as you can what they will undergo in their lives if they choose a life with me for example.

Otherwise it’s just nice to meet a lot of people who think what you’re doing is wild and exciting. I also meet people who do not think it’s good enough, but it’s about keeping up with the people who motivate one and is there 24/7 if needed. For those friends, can never be replaced.


Mark David Gosse


It’s sometimes hard to get time for doing things that I miss, like hanging out with friends, going to the movies or sleeping in when needed, when I should do homework’s, read monologues and practice them, work at a restaurant, be with my family that lives in another country (Sweden). I visit them every other weekend, and yes, I must also be in a good shape physically, so I play soccer and go to fitness (if I got time) 😉


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