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StarBeat Talent Mag feature Q and A with Alessandra – bringing some girl power to the world of drums!


SB (StarBeat): How did you first get interested in music and more specifically drumming?  
AL (Alessandra): When I about seven years old, I was really interested in music and started learning how to play guitar at first. Since I was very young and my teacher’s pace was gruesomely slow, I decided to take a bit of a break from learning.
At age 8 or 9, I decided to start learning how to drum when the school band teacher asked if anyone was interested. I learned first on snare drum and eventually became so obsessed with the beat of the drums I heard every time the radio came on. I then took drum lessons for approximately a year and a half before I decided to teach myself the rest of what I wanted to learn. Being a very independent person and learner, this was the best choice I could have possibly made. 
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SB: What are some challenges and also positive perks of being a female drummer? 
AL: In terms of challenges and perks, there are a lot. I immediately faced the problem of boys picking on me for playing drums and assuming I would have no idea what I was doing. Also, the consistency of people commenting on Youtube and being shocked that I could actually play after assuming I wouldn’t be able to. It’s hard sometimes to have people automatically have a premonition that I wouldn’t have any musical talent based on my gender.
AlessandraAt the same time, it has taught me a lot. I think the most important thing I’ve realized is that if you want something bad enough, you should go for it and disregard why other people doubt you. It’s more important to believe in yourself and to let everyone else watch and see.
On the positive side, I have so much more to be grateful for and focus on. I have people constantly contacting me through email, Twitter, and YouTube telling me how much I have inspired them. I love experiencing someone tell me that I made them want to drum or continue learning an instrument. That’s what really matters most to me. I think everyone has a passion for music and should follow it regardless of anything else that tries to get in the way. I have learned so much from being a female drummer and I wouldn’t change a thing. I have learned determination, work ethic, positivity, and how to connect with others through music. 
AlessandraSB: What do your fanbase/subscribers mean to you? 
AL: My subscribers mean so much to me. I love hearing from them and feel like I have a little group of people that always have my back, but I don’t even personally know them. It’s really cool. Just hearing them tell me that making my videos makes them feel better or happy, means everything to me.
It really cheers me up knowing that they’re entertained watching me play drums or sing a song on guitar. I could care less about the numbers. People always say “What’s your subscriber count goal?” and I truly don’t have one. We’d all be lying if we said we never checked, but it’s not important to me. I just love seeing that people are still commenting and interested in what I’m doing. 
For anyone thinking about drumming or in the process of drumming, my biggest piece of advice would be to never give up. I know it sounds a bit corny, but it’s completely true. Even when you’re completely positive that you never want to play a single note again, push yourself. It’s all about determination and dedication in my opinion. You have to set goals for yourself and make sure that you’re continuously learning. If you keep practicing the same beat and master it, make sure to challenge yourself afterwards. If you feel comfortable and like you know everything you need to know about what you’re practicing, it’s time to move on. Don’t let others discourage you based on your gender, age, or how you learn best. If you want to learn drums or any instrument, you can do it. 
SB: What advice do you have for other drummers, female or male, either learning or interested in learning how to drum? 
AL: Overall, I have been so grateful to have the experiences I’ve had on YouTube. I’ve been lucky enough to be noticed by Jacob Whitesides, Dan Kanter (Justin Bieber’s ex guitarist), and Justin Bieber’s current drummer. I am always striving to be better and to learn more and more each day. The fun thing about playing any instrument is that you’re never done. You always can be learning and doing something more. 
Also, I am most influenced and inspired by Joshua Dun and George Daniel. They’re very unique drummers and I am always amazed at how incredible they are. 
SB: Is there anything people should be excited for in terms of your channel that’s coming up? 
AL: Yes. Definitely and I can’t wait to share all of my new videos with the world. I’m going to be posting some new tutorials, new covers, and maybe even a Q&A or vlog. I want to really expand my channel and have my subscribers get to know me as a person more. 
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