All Aboard The Filharmonic Express


Let’s all get on board with a cappella group The Filharmonic on their express trip through movies, TV shows, the LA scene all the way to the Shorty Awards.


SB (StarBeat): The Genesis: How did the group get started?

TF (The Filharmonic): We started The Filharmonic in 2013 to audition for a show called The Sing-Off on NBC. Niko, Joe, and Jules already knew each other since they were in the same college a cappella group. Then we met Trace and VJ through different singing competitions around the Los Angeles area!


The Filharmonic


SB: The History: What’s everyone’s musical background?

TF: VJ majored in Jazz Studies in college, while Joe and Jules focused more on classical choir and opera. Niko did a lot of hip-hop dance before the group and Trace actually played violin for a good chunk of his life. So we have a pretty diverse set of musical backgrounds and we all try to combine them into our overall group sound.


SB: The Genre: Why did you decide to pursue a cappella music?

TF: We have all grown up loving to sing and a lot of that has to do with growing up in Filipino families where the karaoke machine is a staple at every party. But we all did a cappella at some point in college and we found that it’s one of the most difficult genres to master and audiences always respond to how bare and difficult it is.


The Filharmonic


SB: The Favs: What have been some of your favorite experiences thus far?

TF: Obviously, being in Pitch Perfect 2 was absolutely incredible. Being on set and working with the cast was so surreal since we’re all a cappella nerds. But getting to be on The Late Late Show with James Corden as many times as we have is really hard to top. He’s so fun to work with and we get to meet a bunch of famous people, so that’s really rad.


SB: Represent: How does it feel to be representing Filipino American culture?

TF: It’s an honor to have the opportunity to hopefully inspire other Filipino Americans to become artists or shed light on other current “Fil-Am” artists. We started this group hoping to achieve that and have never hid from our heritage, so it feels really rewarding to hear people consider us as representatives.


The Filharmonic


SB: The Future: What’s next for the group?

TF: We’re super excited because we’re working on a bunch of original music to release this year! That’s the next, big step for us. But it’s so hard to predict who’s gonna reach out to us or what’s gonna come up, so we’re so pumped to see what this new year throws our way!

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