Annabel Lee: Making it Her Way in LA



Annabel Lee is a singer/song-writer making music her way as a new transplant to the LA music scene.


SB (StarBeat): Memory Game: What is your favourite musical memory or experience?

AL (Annabel Lee): It’s hard to pin down one memory that would be my favorite. I’d say some of my favorites were on tours, sleeping on strangers couches, sharing their spaces, and being invited to eat at their tables. It’s a nice reminder that people are still good. It’s a beautiful thing to remember that after long hours driving and thinking about everything.


Annabel Lee

Photo Credit: Abby Shoot

SB: Wordsmith: Do you write your own songs? What is your writing process like?

AL: When it comes to writing it’s normally something brought on by a line or an idea. I love sitting at the piano in the morning with my coffee when my voice is still tired and just seeing what develops. A lot of times my quick temper gets me inspired, though it’s also one of my weaknesses.

Either way, I usually finish a song all at once if it’s a keeper. If I’m not feeling completely compelled to sit through the entire thing and see it through, it goes in the recycle pile. I have to want to show it to somebody for me to perform it anywhere.


Annabel LeeSB: Nerves: Do you ever get nervous putting new music out there?

AL: I’m always a little bit nervous to share new material, but I have such a wonderful support system that motivates to keep going.

Self doubt and self sabotage is the easiest thing to slip into when it comes to being an independent artist in a brand new city where nobody really knows you, but I’ve been so fortunate, and found a new musical family here that has not only supported my music, but pushed me to refine my craft more.

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SB: Spirited: Who/What is your ‘Spirit Animal’?

AL: Harriet the Spy, the spider from James and the Giant Peach, Rizzo from Grease, Holly Golightly, and Ronny James Dio.


Annabel LeeSB: Others: What other artists have inspired you in your musical journey?

AL: Stevie Nicks, The Rolling Stones, Sylvia Plath, Fiona Apple, The Doors, Rihanna, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Banks, Hitchcock, Poe, Amy Winehouse, Irving Penn, Janis Joplin, the B52’s, Grace Slick, Britney Spears, Valfre’, Blind Willie Mctell, Kurt Cobain, Ray Charles, Lady Gaga, Billie Holiday, Lorde, Shel Silverstein, Mozart, Virginia Wolfe, Patti Smith, Queen, Johnny Cash, Empress Of, Debbie Harry, Alison Mosshart, the 1975, Dr. Suess, Simon and Garfunkle, Beck, Hole, Sia, Nine Inch Nails, Lana Del Rey, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel+ a million more artists.

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SB: Crayon Box: They ask you to add a your colour to the crayon box.  What colour are you and why?

AL: Red. Not sure why, but it’s always been my favorite.

It’s warm, fiery, and hard to ignore.

SB: Work It: What cool stuff are you working on now?

AL: I’m currently working out of a few different studios on a few different tracks. I have been playing shows all over LA, and have been writing as much as I can. I’ll have music up on YouTube, Spotify, and more very soon. Excited to share myself with you.


Annabel Lee


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Photo Credit: Abby Shoot>


Cover and Actor Photo Credit: Nyxx Dady


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