Art in Coffee w/ Kunie Inaba


Kunie Inaba has turned coffee to art and recently won Top Latte Artist in Vancouver. Let’s find out more about how she got started, and what goes in to the perfect cup.


Kunie InabaSB: Fresh Brew: When did you get started in the barista world?

KI (Kunie Inaba): It was 5 years ago. When platform7 opened, I got a position as an opening staff, with no experience and poor English skill…haha I was super lucky!


SB: Extra Foam: Without giving away secrets, what are the essential parts of a good latte?

KI: Perfect espresso and perfectly steamed milk (temp and texture). That’s it. And this is the most difficult part.

Actually art is not the most important. BUT beautiful art can add extra value in the cup. Beautiful art can be proof of nice steamed milk and can provide extra experience.


SB: Coffee House: What makes a welcoming coffee shop experience?

KI: Friendly and knowledgeble staff:)We have great team at platform7. Please come and experience by yourself!


SB: Disappearing Act: What is it like to make art that will only last until the first sip?

KI: Perfectly steamed silky milk??


Kunie Inaba

Kunie Inaba

SB: Outside World: When you are not behind the espresso machine where might we find you?

KI: Probably other coffee shops or brewery:P



Kunie on Social:


Recap of Top Latte Artist in Vancouver –


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