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Artist Spotlight: Nick Provost (Ontario, Canada)


SB (StarBeat): Nick, were you bouncing of the walls as a kid, or is that a fairly recent obsession?

NP (Nick Provost): I’ve been bouncing around since I knew what parkour was. I was always climbing things and jumping off of stuff. It just makes me happy!


SB: When were you officially diagnosed as a Parkour Artist? At some point, just playing around became – WTF, did he just do that?

NP: I would say I officially started when I was 14 and my friend told me to try a frontflip on grass. I got it first try and I haven’t stopped since!




SB: So, on a more serious note, Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?

NP: I can’t pick a favourite! I love them both for their awesome individual skills. But I have read a little about Jackie Chan’s dedication and the way he does stunts and I find it quite motivating!


SB: And now, the injury break! I’m sure you’ve had some…

NP: No major injuries that have stopped me from training! I have lightly torn a ligament in my ankle a few years ago but after a week off I ended up training on my other food instead.




SB: Do you pack your luggage the week, day or the morning of the international flight?

NP: I would say the day before. I’ve done so many parkour trips at this point that it’s become normal and I sometimes do it the day of.


SB: Does anyone ever call you Sir, and how does that feel?

NP: No they don’t! Which is good because I still see myself as like 12 years old so it would be weird.


nicolas-provostSB: Merlot or Lager with Cheetos?

NP: Honestly I have no idea what Merlot or Lager is but I do love Cheetos!


SB: Ok, let’s be candid. How many selfies do you take on a good week?

NP: On a good week? Maybe 50! Haha it depends how often I use snap chat because that’s the only place I would send selfies.


SB: You think you could help us (StarBeat) put on some parkour games in Canada? How?

NP: Of course! That would be amazing. I have a lot of connections in the parkour community in Canada that could help make this happen. Or we could just do a nation-wide game of “the ground is lava”.


SB: Do you do stunts for TV & Movies?

NP: I wish! I actually went to stunt school in 2011 to do that but it’s quite hard to get into in Ottawa because all of the stunts are in Montreal and Toronto.


SB: You have 24 hours free to do anything, anywhere in the world. Where do you go?

NP: I would go to a beautiful beach with sand and a drop to do flips off of with my parkour buddies here in Ottawa and a few of my parkour buddies from around the world!


SB: Well, we’ll leave you off on your mental vacation. You can shout out some reputable folks that would love to see their name in our blog next to you, especially that you just entered our Canadian Contest!

NP: I can’t think of anyone to shoutout except a thank you to my buddies Nick Morgan and Brandon Azzie who always end up filming for me!


SB: Thanks Nick, and when you are in Vancouver area we’ll do some parkour in our park.




Nick’s StarBeat Links

Nick Provost Profile: https://starbeat.tv/users/view/3766
Audience Fav (video): https://starbeat.tv/videos/view/213/crazy-parkour-flips
Ontario Contest Winners: https://starbeat.tv/blogs/view/34/official-results-top-talent-in-ontario


Nick’s Social Channels

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/nickprovost
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nick_provost/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NickProvost.PK.FR/

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